What's New in Wii Dead Rising

1UP's Kevin Gifford writes: "We heard Wednesday that Dead Rising, one of the more memorable sandbox games on the Xbox 360, is coming to the Wii, but now we've got further details on the game translated directly from the Famitsu article that made the revelation. The new port, called Dead Rising: Zombie Sacrifice in Japan, will feature all manner of new features and expanded gameplay -- and as producer and director Minoru Nakai discussed with Weekly Famitsu magazine this week, it's all part of an effort to make the notoriously difficult game more appealing to the casual user base."

Making a hardcore game more casual for the Wii? Who finds this shocking?

kevnb5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Unless you tried to save all the survivors, and if you really wanted to save someone you just gave them a gun to defend themselves. Its an awesome game that I feel will be turned into a mess on the wii.

whoknew5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Notoriously hard? Who are they kidding? LOL! I didn't think the game was so tough, anyone else agree? Looking forward to this though, even if I did play it on the 360, playing it on the wii should be a lot of fun. Or a total nightmare, one of the two. :)

Odiah5425d ago

Yay, another port I'm expected to pay full price for. These games come out well over a year before they're released in the UK and I'm still expected to pay £40($80).

kevnb5425d ago

I could be wrong, but its probably not worth even a rental.

englandsbest3165425d ago

Dead rising on 360 is a fantastic game, theres just so many various and hilarious ways of killing the zombies it never gets tiresome, the bosses are all unique and challenging the first couple of playthroughs..... there was also 24 hour mode that had a very compelling and tough ending to it *not a story related spoiler* (having to go through the tunnels with literally thousands of zombies surrounding you) and the last boss in 24 hour mode was one tough cookie..... and lastly there was of course the achievements like having to escort 8 survivors all at once and having every characters portrait in your notebook (i still have 2 more out of 76 to find)..... all i can say is wii fans are in for a treat and should buy it..... and if theres 360 owners out there who still aint played it then buy this game, its in the xbox 360 classics collection now so its cheap........

Thoas5425d ago

It looks better on the Wii. Wii FTW

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