Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 34

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

*What is the best site you ever worked for?
*To the PC gamers: do you use mouse and keyboard or controller? If controller, which one do you use?
*If you could harness the power of only one infinity stone, which one would you choose and why?
*If Konami created a next-gen Contra, do you think it would sell well?
*Would otherzinc be happy if Sony ceased to exist and everyone bought an Xbox One?
*Do you think Forza 5 cut corners to achieve 1080p/60fps?
*Does only owning one system blind gamers’ view of their system and of other consoles?
*Why do PS4 games have the resolution specs on the back of the box and Xbox One games don’t?
*Tony, if you bought a high end PC, what game will you be happy to test out?
*If Konami were to sell off their assets/ IPs such what third party or first party companies would you like to see pick them up?
*What are your thoughts on the fact that the next COD is skipping last gen and that Activision seems to be going neutral in marketing the PS4/XB1/PC at the same time?"

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MoreGravyPleez1258d ago

Lots of hypotheticals this show but still good! Also, Brett already has an Infinity Gem, it's the "Soapbox" gem :)

Great show!

1257d ago