The console needs to die and Nintendo should be the one to pull the trigger

The home video game console, a dedicated machine designed specifically to bring video games into the home, is a stubbornly resilient thing of the past, a limiting anachronism that does much more harm to the gaming industry than it does good.

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johndoe112111257d ago

You can always count on polygon to write some of the most insane drivel articles in the gaming industry. There is absolutely nothing wrong, unnecessary or wasteful about home consoles. it infuriates me that I went against my better judgement and clicked on a polygon article. Never again.

Transistor1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Just look at the PS4 hardware and software numbers, look who wrote this article, realise the intent of it or why they are saying this and move on.

Polygon is a joke.

BitbyDeath1256d ago

And Microsoft needs to pull the trigger

FarEastOrient1256d ago

Is this a new way to create click bait? chopping the hand that feeds you...

breakpad1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

ohh that japanese industry is leading the way again in games industry , we see idiotic opinions from westerners that console gaming needs to die ...i wonder if Xone (i musing Xone as is the representative of western console industry) was at the lead and had these explosive sales of PS4 and some of the exclusives IPs of Nintendo , would polygon have written such idiotic opinion articles???? ...i think not ...then they would speak for the limitless advantages of console gaming and the golden future that awaits them ...hypocrites and idiots as always =Polygon

SolidStoner1256d ago

here you go.. hackers please hack these idiotic polygon sites instead, do everything you can to shut them down.. at least you will make gamers happy for once...

morganfell1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Imbecilic attempts at game journalism need to die and polygon should be the one to pull the trigger.

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SaveFerris1257d ago

I wonder if Polygon even likes video games with negative articles like that one.

1256d ago
DevilOgreFish1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

If the factory that makes the hardware for the consoles gets shut down then that would lead all 3 consoles to an early grave.

Last time i heard AMD has reported another fiscal loss in revenues, Because of their CPU division. Some years ago they did have to shut their globalfoundries factory and discontinue chipsets. I do wish them the best of luck, those guys are always taking financial hits.

Tiqila1256d ago

I hope they stop producing graphics cards, mine is driving me crazy. Driver issues and noise being the main problem. Getting headaches all the time, even when playing with a headset on because that radeon hd 7970 is making an insane noise. It's just terrible but I don't have another 300 bucks for a new card.

Definitely my last AMD card ever.

3-4-51256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

* So sick of these Perverted Death Articles.

Other Journalists need to call Polygon out for this BS.

* Wishing Death upon something ?

Really Polygon ?

Like for real ?

How can you even reason or justify that?

So perverted it's disgusting.

* Polygon Are You blind ? If consoles go ? games go....if games go, WTH are you going to lie....I mean write about ?

* Whoever this person's boss is needs to step up, be an adult and fire this person.

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bOObies1257d ago

Go to hell with this article

DonkeyDoner1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

polygon.. just move along people

Germany71257d ago

Why the media really wants to consoles to go away, there is something really fishy about all these articles coming from the past years. They started a campaign for Nintendo to leave the hardware market, also there are a lot of articles trying to start a commotion saying how many signatures a petition got asking for games like Bloodborne, Xenoblade Chronicles and Halo for PC, even if these games are published by console developers. It's really common articles saying how it's bad exclusives for a console, but praises when a game it's exclusive for PC/Mac. Seriously, what's going on?
I don't have any problem with the PC platform, sometimes i really like to play on my Mac, the problem here it's the media always releasing articles saying how consoles should disappear or " needs to die" like this lame site. I play on consoles since SNES era and i have all the PlayStation consoles released and i really like the systems and their exclusives. Why both can't coexist?
I guess that's one of the reasons why a lot of gamers don't bother anymore to access these sites, something it's really wrong with the gaming media.

comebackkid98911256d ago

Collectivists will be collectivists.

OB1Biker1256d ago

Ms focusing on PC gaming may have some influence (purposely or not)

DEEBO1257d ago

Not going waste my time with this.isn't gaming the reason they have a Website to write articles about gaming but they want consoles to die.

Lol ok short bus riders time to get off at the next stop called common sense.

Corpser1257d ago

It's a good thing dedicated consoles die, we will all have something like a cheap Roku box and just subscribe to whatever streaming services we like

MrSwankSinatra1256d ago

keep your sorry streaming roku box, I'll keep my consoles

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