Project Cars Dev: Hang in There, We're Working Flat Out; Refunds a Possibility

Project Cars is out on store shelves, though according to the studio head there aren't enough to go around so to help replenish stock they're hoping retailers will accept returns.

For those who're on the fence, the developers recommend that they bear the storm as they work through the issues.

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masterfox1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Project Cars in next gen consoles I can accept that is kinda glitchy since they had to learn had to develop for it, but for PC is no excuse!, they had like 4 years developing it on PC, the PC version should be almost perfect by now.

OrangePowerz1254d ago

Runs fine for me on PC, stable, no crashes and so far haven't seen any glitches. The only thing that I would currently criticise are the horrible looking sparks when the cars hit walls or barricades. Luckily I always drive in cockpit view so I don't have to see them.

meche3341254d ago

They should've capped it at 30fps

Cream1254d ago

End users are the new Product tester.
Shame! take it back.

BattleAxe1253d ago

Stop being cheap, and go get yourself a NVidia GPU.

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ps4fanboy1254d ago

For the time it took to release, another couple of months would be way more torrable than a bugged out game IMO.

boodi1254d ago

it's slang meee bro'

or it's terrible maybe

Dario_DC1254d ago

Went by 3 micromania stores here in France today, the shelves are full with copies of this game.. Not many people interested about this game here... I prefer to buy the Witcher 3 this month and Street Fighter.

kraenk121254d ago

Yeah, there hasn't been a great French racing driver for ages ;)

Dario_DC1254d ago

I'm not French but I live in France.
I noticed because there were a lot of copies, I mean A LOT, just hanging there. Not many of MKX or BloodBorne.
It's a different audience here I think.

paul-p19881253d ago

Apart from Sebastien Loeb, and you could argue Romain Grosjean just because he is in Formula 1...but he does love to crash lol

theXtReMe11254d ago

LoL. We didn't make enough stock to supply stores around the world with the game, so we want people who aren't happy with the bugs and glitches to return it, so other people can play the game and find the same bugs and glitches, to return it so more people can play the game and find the bugs and glitches. Ridiculous.

Truthfully, it is the most laughable thing I've ever read in my life. I keep reading it over and over, thinking Im missing something.

redknight801254d ago really is just so laughable.

u4one1254d ago

yet it still reviews better than drive club.

MysticStrummer1254d ago

Which is odd. I guess technical issues are ok now. What a relief for developers everywhere.

sorane1254d ago

Not odd at all Mystic it's a much much much better game than Driveclub. Also Driveclub didn't receive bad scores because of tech issues since most reviewers didn't have any problems at all. DC only had tech issues after most of the reviews were out.

MysticStrummer1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

@sorane - "it's a much much much better game than Driveclub."

Entirely entirely entirely subjective.

"Driveclub didn't receive bad scores because of tech issues since most reviewers didn't have any problems at all. DC only had tech issues after most of the reviews were out."

False false false.

sorane1253d ago


"False false false."

No actually that's true true true. DC online worked fine for most reviewers. It got bad scores because it just wasn't a good game. It's a pretty well known fact at this point that's easily proven by reading the reviews.

Some examples from popular sites: no tech issues there none there yet again no problems they didn't have any online issues at all they just didn't like the game no tech issues to be found

I could go on and on and on, but my point has been proven.

methegreatone1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Any pCars article comments section on N4G, in a nutshell.

Have to find a way to bring Driveclub into it because you're so salty.

We fucking get it - Reviewers are biased as shit. They are all conspiring and want all your PS exclusives to die. If any of your exclusives get low scores, it's because reviewers are crap.
I mean, sure so many PS exclusives come out to 10/10 reception, being touted as some of the best games ever by critics. Then, ofcourse, the same review system is embraced lovingly. Hey, who needs logic, I'm sure critics all hate PS exclusives.

And apparently all of you suddenly are claiming that pCars is a complete and absolute buggy mess whichever platform ? After some reports detailing a number of bugs, you seem to know that it's completely broken. You must know, you have the game right ?

"Which is odd. I guess technical issues are ok now. What a relief for developers everywhere."

Yep, I mean it's not like they actually had any other criticism for Driveclub right ? It got scored so low mainly because of technical issues, correct?

Oh, wait.

Have you even read most of the reviews ? I'm guessing not. Why don't you go do that first.

Typical. Keep on saying "they just bash the game for x reason", ignoring all of the actual main criticisms in reviews. Way to go. Saw people say the exact same things for The Order.

I guess that's just te mentality you get with console exclusives.

I haven't played Driveclub. I might love or hate it for all I know. I already greatly appreciate it's presentation from what I've seen. You, however, are being either ignorant or hypocritical.

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