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Dealspwn writes: "There's a reason why "CARS" is capitalised. Project CARS is all about the love of cars, the joy of driving them, and it couldn't give a damn about anything else.

While other developers love cramming the most vehicles and the biggest bloated feature sets into their games, Slightly Mad Studios have been obsessed with getting everything absolutely right. The result is a true track special: a lean racer that's all muscle, no fat, designed to let you get into a selection of superbly-realised racing machines as quickly as possible without grind, unlocks and frippery."

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bggriffiths1260d ago

Glad this turned out well, delays and late review embargo dates can sometimes be bad omens, but I'd much rather wait through delays if the game ends up delivering the goods. Fingers crossed Batman and Witcher are up to scratch too.

Blues Cowboy1260d ago

The late copies were just for XO copies, looking around the web. PCARS is properly hardcore but that was the whole point of the crowd funding, definitely delivered on its promises!

TheImprobableMulk1260d ago

Agreed. Very glad the game has turned out well, because the previews all looked fantastic. It'll be interesting to see if Slightly Mad Studios can keep the momentum going now.

Blues Cowboy1260d ago

Well that's a worry seeing as they're apparently already pre-producing the sequel. They've still got to sort out the Wii U and last-gen versions!