R.I.P. P.T. - Why We Can't Keep Nice Things

Konami has erased P.T. from the PlayStation Network, killing what it probably saw as little more than a commercial for a now-canceled game. Thing is, it was more than a commercial. It was more than a GAME. It was a crucial piece of history that Konami has erased.

This doesn’t matter to game publishers, but it should matter to us. The digital age is coming, and companies get to decide what becomes history and what becomes forgotten. We can’t archive anything, and we should care.

P.S: This video comes with my best wishes to SupperBunnyHop, whose excellent investigation into Konami’s behavior has recently been hit with a DMCA-esque takedown notice by the publisher. Fuck Konami.

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Reaper99371260d ago

Even though this was just a demo, I said it before and I will say it again, physical media is king, remember the days when demos use to come on physical disks...We would still have P.T.