WWE 2K16: Confirmed Superstars, Legendary Commentator On Board

This good old commentator says he found something extremely provocative about the game that made him sign on.

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BLAKHOODe1258d ago

Biggest roster yet? Yea, if you count 5 variations of Triple H, 2 variations of Sting, 3 of Hogan, 4 Rocks, etc... I never use any of them.

Every variation could be another legend added to the game. So, that's B.S. and laziness.

Satyre281258d ago

As someone who was super excited for WWE 2k15 after purchasing it, i was in literal complete disappointment. It was so sluggish, lack of modes, the career was a repetitive mess with just messages from Vickie Guerrero telling you about how you are doing good, there was no STORY to it at all. Thankfully i was in the month period and still sold it back for 40 bucks. 2K16 literally needs a complete new build up, so much was wrong with 2k15 that i wont be buying this until i see impressions first.

addictedtochaos1258d ago

I dropped $100 on the Hulkamania edition of 2K15. Traded it in the next day, Kept all the cool collector's stuff though. Game was horrendously bad.

Satyre281258d ago

That sucks man, at least you got to keep the stuff! But yea before i ever buy another 2K wrestling game will wait for impressions. 2K15 WWE was literally one of the worst games ive ever bought, yes it was that bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.