Capcom planning more HD Remasters - are these games next?

Dealspwn: During a presentation of their recent financials, Capcom stated they are planning to release more HD remasters of "popular older games." This isn't surprising really especially as the recent Resident Evil HD Remaster went on to sell over a million copies and had a strong critical reception. Their new-gen DmC: Definitive Edition was also well-received by the press and remasters of Devil May Cry 4 and Street Fighter IV have already been confirmed. Capcom's recent remasters have been pretty damn good in our opinion, so we're certainly up more. Here are a few likely candidates, along with some wishful long shots.

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Blues Cowboy1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Wow, Maximo! Classic. Completely forgot about that for years, would love an HD collection.

bggriffiths1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

It's sad that we live in a world where that has not happened yet, but Legend of Kay gets a PS4/WiiU remaster.

Blurmobjet1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Why are we wasting valuable developer resources on so many HD remasters?

fattyuk1308d ago

because guess what some people want hd remasters, some games are in peoples memorys as being amazing, but when they go back now some games are almost unplayable!

Resident evil, for me was near on impossible to try and play before the HD remakes.

I loved it when it came out (i was probably about 11/12 years old) revisiting it 15 years later just couldn't be done

HD remakes can actually work in favour of some games, for other games it is just milking

Retroman1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

read online somewhere from Developers : "it is cheaper to make HD remake games" than spending millions of dollars on uncertain profitable open world shooter games now days.

don't know if that is true .......don't quote me on that.

WheatBread1308d ago

Onimusha, Maximo, and Rival Schools would be very nice.

KwietStorm1308d ago

Onimusha was such a brilliant series. Why doesn't it ever get any love?

Minimox161308d ago

Rival Schools!! Onimusha!

Hoffmann1308d ago

Power Stone 1+2 + coming with working online modes for both games would be simply awesome.

DiscoKid1308d ago

Ah yes. Good call on that.

DVAcme1308d ago

Not gonna lie: an HD remake of Dragon's Dogma with extra content I'd buy THE HELL out of. That game is an unsung masterpiece, and a remake with a revitalized online community to go with it would be the tits.

MysticStrummer1308d ago

Exactly what I was going to say.

I never played Dragon's Dogma:Dark Arisen, so I'd buy an HD remake in a heartbeat. I'm also interested in, yet wary of, Dragon's Dogma Online, but the original game was one of my favorites last generation.

DVAcme1308d ago

I've got Dark Arisen(thank you, PS Plus!), and it's amazingly better than vanilla. Better fast-traveling, LOADS of new gear, the Dark Arisen dungeon to explore(with craploads new enemy types and boss monster variations), Rarefication(being able to upgrade dragon-forged equipment)... The game is spectacular.

arugula1308d ago

Capcom has done a terrible job so far with remasters. Just look at RE4 for example. Then look at a fan HD re-master at

Capcom does lazy work. Same goes for RE1. Look at steam version. Over 1,200 replies of bugs and no patches and not a word from Capcom.

They are worse then EA!

Hoffmann1308d ago

Had no problems with the REmake on PS4 though

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