Sony At E3: God Of War III Presents Lame Trailer Time

Steve West writes:

"Of the big 3, Sony always seems to be the one having trouble making course corrections. Take the E3 God of War III trailer this year. Time and time again Sony makes the mistake of putting out CGI only trailers."

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pwnsause3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

the new standard for sony is to show CGI target renders to prove that they can get close to the trailer


to the people that are disagreeing with me, look at the 2005 KZ2 trailer, that was a target render of what Guerilla Games was envisioning, look at MAG, that was a target render on what Zipper was envisioning, look at the original Assasins creed trailer, that was a target render that Ubisoft was envisioning. look at the first Trailers for Motorstorm 1 and 2, that is the target render that Evolution was envisioning. Look at the very first Gran Turismo 5 trailer (it was called vision Gran turismo), that was a target render that Polyphony Digital was envisioning. Look at the very first Street Fighter IV trailer, that was a target render that Capcom was envisioning. look at the very first Halo 3 trailer, that was a target render that Bungie was envisioning.

Target renders dont have to be about graphics BTW, they can also be what you want your game to be about and revolved around of, like the assasins creed trailer. That trailer showed what the game was going to be about, which was stealth. Target renders leave clues. They leave a purpose for the developer and gives a sneak peak to the consumer to see what the game is going to be about and what its going to push on a console.

PoSTedUP3746d ago

i agree somewhat, that makes sense.

AngryXbot3746d ago

The stupidity of people doubting Sony, is just that: STUPIDITY.

Killzone 2 is almost as gorgeous as CGI and in many ways surpasses the 2005 CGI trailer.

Gran Turismo looks even better than real life.

Uncharted is still the best looking game out in the market at the moment.

And MGS4 showed that PS3s is indeed vastly more powerful than any competitor.

With that in mind and God of wars history, anyone doubting GOW3 is a fool plain and simple.

Im beginning to think that most of the people writing negative stuff are hardcore xbots who owns 360 and have made it their personal mission to see the PS3 fail.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Your one BILLION % Correct when you said -

'Im beginning to think that most of the people writing negative stuff are hardcore xbots who owns 360 and have made it their personal mission to see the PS3 fail'

Of course it is, they have been Sl*gging off the PS3 since it's been out :-/ (On this site and others) And will do forever. The Funny thing is tho...IT'S NOT WORKING!!! ;-D Worldwide PS3 sales are going up and up;) That must HURT the xBot Lemmings HARD!!! ;-D Well they started it!!! ;-D

Lame = These Sites = NEGATIVE NEWS4PS3Gamers :-/
I'm happy with my SEXY;)PS3!;-P So couldn't care less what they say.

+I wish Micro$oft would just erm go away(was going to put a 4 + 3 letter words there!!!) ;-D But they got unlimited money :-( So they will be back with xBox 4(Something) It's got to have a '4' in it, to Fool people this is there 4th Console, so when PS4 comes out they will have a '4' in there name!!!
Just like the xBox '3'60...HOW ******* SAD IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!! +It didn't work!!! ;-D

PooPooPlatter3746d ago

Killzone 2 original 'impossible Sony lies' trailer vs Killzone 2 realtime PS3 footage:


God of War fans got the message from the GoW3 teaser - yes, this is what it's going to actually look like realtime.

SixTwoTwo3746d ago

people still doubt Sony. They should have learned from Killzone 2 already.

Domenikos3746d ago

In the end, there will be ONLY CHAOS.

BigBaehr3746d ago

And even those comparison pics are from last years graphics, the graphics now rape the original trailer.

PooPooPlatter3746d ago

@BigBaehr, totally. Not only that, I am pretty sure all the new footage from KZ2 is all multiplayer.

sonarus3746d ago

WTF do they want. Its a teaser. How do you tease with gameplay trailer. This guy is a fool

Playstation Man3746d ago

God of War III is just next on the list to silence the doubters, this time by dual-weilded blades rather than a rifle. Go for the Jug Kratos!

staub913746d ago

It's called a teaser trailer....I'm no expert, but I believe that means that it is suppose to tease us.

zodiac9093746d ago

finally someone with some sense!

lilgringo3746d ago

The killzone gameplay vids does NOT look like the prerendered e3 05 video. And those images u showed PooPooPlatter are bullshots and most of them are not ingame but inengine. The resolution is to low which makes them look cleaner and they're probably photoshopped with AA and what not. I've seen the gameplay video and i can't say i'm impressed at all.
I don't own a ps3 and never will, mostly because of e3 05. If they think they can show a prerendered video and claim it's actual gameplay and think that everyone will just forget about it later, they're f***ing mistaken. No, i'm serious, because of that toghether with smug statements like 4D etcetera, i will NOT buy a ps3. Although i will play many of the good games coming out for the ps3 at my friend place

Black_Jack3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

i feel sorry for you gringo..

how about the halo 3 cg teaser (which was balls anyway) compared to in game footage. i'm sure you were very disappointed then as well... wait i guess you overlooked that.

gaffyh3746d ago

Yeah KZ2 gameplay looks a lot better than the CGI trailer they showed in 2005. The only thing that looks a little worse is the smoke IMO, but everything else looks much better.

So I don't doubt that GOW3 will look great.

StephanieBBB3745d ago

I admit that cgi trailers are kinda worthless and missleading "sometimes" but atleast sony showed some amazing footage of exclusives that no other console could pull off.

I am confident that GoW3 will look out of this world and that it will further prove that PS3 is the system for the core gamers and entertainment addicts.

IzKyD13313745d ago

halo 3's first trailer was CGI

robep33745d ago

Best reply is this

Item above should have stopped this BS item from being posted.
PS3 owners will have the last LAUGH!

Shroomy3745d ago

The Killzone CGI trailer still looks better, look at when they are in the sky, the characters lack depth and look plain, and the environment down below also looks plain "in the demo popup was crazy". Nice try.

The Halo 3 video was in ENGINE, it was showing the huge draw distance Halo 3 was capable of, and in the game you can see out to a very far distance.

They toned down the chief, as it was a waste of resources, and a golden chief would stick out like crazy I'd imagine. The real time reflections on his visor were cut due to waste of processing power, to go to the AI no doubt. If you don't believe me it's in engine, you can see the Bungie staff working on it in one of their earlier Vidocs.

trikster403745d ago

It is kinda annoying how everyone says the first killzone trailer was CGI. It was, in fact, a TARGET RENDER bases upon the supposed final specs of the PS3. It was actually running in REAL time on PC. IT was running at only 5 fps but sped up to 60 but it was indeed rendered in real time, just not on a PS3. That Halo trailer...yah that was CGI.

Shroomy3745d ago

Just never put in, because really, what gameplay do you get there?

Look at the new Halo Wars video, that's CGI, but the Halo trailer was in engine, because if it wasn't it would be the same style as the Halo Wars trailer, but it isn't.

Bungie weren't lying when they said it was in engine, Sony said it was in real time and that was a lie, it wasn't running on the games engine so it's CGI.

trikster403745d ago

Lol just because it wasn't running on the final game engine doesn't mean it was CGI. It was being rendered in real time, just on a PC because the final specs of the PS3 weren't even complete. And like I stated, a PC could only render it at 5 fps, so they sped up the frames to 60fps.



And you want...?

What do you expect, for us to trow away our PS3 whining about KillZone 2 is not exactly as the 05 trailer?

Or maybe you want for us to beg "oh please gringo, buy a PS3"...

Come on, get your act together! People like what they see in KillZone 2 and most here look pleased with their console already before it coming, this is a GoW teaser tread about how they teased with a CG, like if this wasn't dumb enough, come you with this pathetic bashing?

Get out that way! -->

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Lanontscuz3746d ago

maybe what u saw was not cgi ..... lol

Domenikos3746d ago

GOW 2 graphs were amazing, i mean AMAZING for a PS2 game.

No doubts with GOW 3

DaTruth3746d ago

Didn't they do this with RFOM2, and then it turned out to be using in game assets. Looked like cgi to me, but Sony's been known to surprise us(GoW2).

BananaSlug3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

it's a teaser video!

Hagaf223746d ago

yeah most people dont know the difference between 'TEASER' trailer and gameplay footage. the point of the teaser trailer was to let fans know its coming, give enough info with out giving anything away. i mean really come on is any one really worried that this game wont look amazing???

Max Power3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

the trailer didn't have 'gameplay' in it like the killzone 2 trailer. if they showed Kratos doing some crazy sh!t during that cgi trailer and claimed it to be gameplay, then i would be all sorts of up tight about it.

DaTruth3746d ago

Sorry, just couldn't resist that one. The killzone game is reasonably close enough to silence naysayers and it really only falls flat on the brighter visuals of the target render, which could just have been a change in ambiance decision since 3 years ago.

toughNAME3746d ago

Hopefully the Xbox 360 trailer for God of War 3 will be gameplay.

I mean, when does Microsoft lie?

253746d ago

the monster that is kratos. = )

RememberThe3573746d ago

Yeah, I really hope that was a joke.

dragunrising3746d ago

Of course this is just healthy speculation. I don't think its a cardinal sin to show CGI but gameplay gives you a better idea of what to look forward to. I want a true sequel to God of War that transcends how we think of story driven action games. I must admit though...I don't think current gameplay of Killzone looks as good as the first CGI. It looks darn good though...dare I say better than Uncharted. CGI "in game" won't be touchable by any console (or PC for that matter) until next gen.

Bubble Buddy3745d ago

God Of War 3? On 360? You're funny.

Yipee Bog3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

God of War on xbox 360, holy crap, that was either the funniest thing I have read today or the dumbest.......or both? I had you on my ignore list for a reason I guess

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