Why not pre-order games?

"Perhaps it’s with the growing number of next gen games being released in what some would consider to be an unfinished state, but I’ve noticed a fair increase of criticism lately regarding pre-ordering games, both from within the games journalism industry and the indie development community. Whether it’s because of the aforementioned scrappy performance at launch, pre-order DLC bonuses or simply buying a game blind before you know of its critical reception, there is a growing force pushing the agenda that pre-ordering is bad for consumers and rewards developers and/or publishers for shoddy business practices. Whilst to some extent I agree with these criticisms, is ceasing the act of pre-ordering games really the answer? Personally, I’m not too sure." - GameSpew

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uth111310d ago

Imagine a world where developers had to release a solid product that reviewed well to meet their sales goals?

Well preordering gives them easy sales and incentivizes deceptive practices and makes that ideal world impossible

trikster401309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Ugh, another "preorders are why my game has bugs" argument.

You do realize that preorders date way before console games started needing patches. Did you play any PS1, N64, DC, PS2, GC, or XBOX games that needed patching? No. Did preorder exist then? Yes.

The reason games get patched these days is due to the evolution of the online capabilities of consoles. Games don't require perfection anymore, it can be patched in. There are games with no preorders that still need patches. I sure as hell didn't preorder Ether One for PS4 but God does it need fixing.

uth111309d ago

that's because they didn't used to have the ability to patch games. Now they do and they are taking advantage of it

If gamers don't like the practice of delivering broken games and patching them whenever, the best weapon they have is to stop preordering. Really it's the only weapon they have. Money talks.

LifeInNZ1309d ago

Whats the point of pre ordering. Its not like you wont be able to get it a week or two later if it sells out...or immediately if you're buying digitally. I prefer to wait for reviews and watching Twitch streams before buying most of my games nowadays.

OrangePowerz1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Collectors editions are very hard to find in many instances shortly after the launch. So there is one reason.

The other one being that you get the game at launch. Either because you ordered from an online store or because you pre ordered the digital version and can pre load the game and start playing at midnight.

Pre orders also give the stores an indication of how many copies they expect to sell so they can plan on how many they need to order. That's one of the reasons why you can go to the store in most cases and don't have to worry about finding a copy because people pre order games and they can plan better.

LifeInNZ1309d ago

yeah, although Ive been gaming since the early 80s I never got the whole collectors edition thing.

OrangePowerz1309d ago

Pre orders can be cancelled at any point or returned if never opened. Reviews are up at least the day before launch so even if the game is ordered online and already shipped it can be still sent back again and fully refunded if the reviews turn out to be bad.

I don't agree with all that mobilising to get people not to pre order games. If they want to pre order games they pre order games. It's just another example of the "media" thinking they can force their views or ideologies onto the industry.

I will continue to pre order games that I want to play on launch day. The gaming "media" can keep their high and mighty voews for themselves.

NeoGamer2321309d ago

I used to pre-order everything on my X360 and PS3. Started the gen pre-ordering as well. But after BF4, AC Unity, DriveClub, Lords of the Fallen, and Halo MCC my pre-ordering has disappeared.

I will wait until games are out and stable. I work hard with 10-14 hour days everyday of the week and maintain a real life outside of gaming as well. I don't have time for poor quality games in my life. They get one chance to impress me when a game goes in my console. If it's quality is not there I am out!

generalthadeape1309d ago

Yeah, I'm feeling a little "gun shy" about preordering games nowadays, too.

For the very same reason that you have already mentioned.

ShutUpDonny1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I live in Canada and I pre-ordered at E3 last year Far Cry 4, The Witcher 3 and Batman AK for 50$ (20$ off) each at Best Buy and this was before the price of games went up to 70$. I will do the same at E3 this year. Pre-orders are great if you are smart about it.

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