Why is Geoff Keighley in Japan with Hideo Kojima?

Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley have been pictured at Konami's Midtown HQ, beggaring the question – is the MGS creator about to break his public silence? “I ran into Geoff in front of Godzilla” claims the tweet, but an accidental meeting between the much-debated MGS creator and the host of The Game Awards seems implausible.

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Volkama1310d ago

In an abstract Dreamcast t-shirt no less. Clearly Kojima left Konami because he was bored of making Metal Gear games, and he jumped at the opportunity to develop Burning Rangers 2 for Sega's impending re-entry into the console hardware space with the Dreamcast One.

MilkMan1309d ago

Lets make this money Kojima!
When you drop MGS V, you'll go out with a BANG bro!

mezati991309d ago

"The Final hours of Kojima"

i'd pay to see that shit

crusf1309d ago

I think a better title would be "The Final Hours of Konami"

Skate-AK1309d ago

Konami can leave the game industry and it wouldn't really hurt them. Only game they have announced for 2015 is MGS5. They have plenty of other ventures.

Sokol1309d ago

Maybe Geoff is gathering in person the story surrounding Mr. Kojima's departure from Konami.

Geoff is very well know in the professional field of video games journalism and he would be a good source for Kojima to shred some light into what had happened and maybe even hear some news on possible future games (if any) that we might see from him or is he going independent.

Perjoss1309d ago

"the professional field of video games journalism"


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The story is too old to be commented.