First look at Sony's Go!Explore GPS

It came in a neat box - with a Go!View camera - and Pocket Gamer unwrapped it carefully.

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PoSTedUP3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )


MaximusPrime3769d ago

wow. i want one of those.

BattleAxe3769d ago

Looks like it comes with a camera aswell. I'm definately picking this up.

Sam Fisher3769d ago

i hack my psp and got a gps 4 free. and have 1 with my itouch. this is ok for those who dosnt have those things. other than that its useless

BattleAxe3769d ago

Hackers are ruining the PSP, you should be reported.

Strife Lives3769d ago

How did you hack it and get free GPS? where'd you get a reciever from? Wow. .that Dark Alex lol j/k