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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

At a glance, Exanima looks a lot like other isometric RPG dungeon crawlers. Visually it might harken back to an earlier age in computer gaming, but this is a very different kind of beast altogether. As such, it requires a substantial investment to make any significant headway, but the potential for a fun, unique game is definitely here.This is not some sort of a rapid Diablo-esque click-fest.

This is an action-based combat system that leverages physics in a unique way. It is much more about skill than grinding like most RPGs. That is not to say Exanima is lacking in tactics, but you cannot just put your brain into cruise control and click some buttons here and there.

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kingeliran1260d ago

Its Great game, i love the combat.
Best to decribe the game is top down view of dark souls

Chalgyr1260d ago

That Dark Souls comparison does feel quite apt, and I have seen it used by several others too. Brutal at times, and there is a steep learning curve, but the combat is really rewarding once learned.