Redux 2 in Development for Dreamcast

Sega's last console is still attracting developers after all this time. Redux 2 is a side-scrolling space shooter set to be released in May of next year.

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knifefight1257d ago

I have to admit, the idea of buying and playing a real, actual NEW Dreamcast game (not just an old one that I skipped 15 years ago) is kind of cool.

filchron1257d ago

There are a bunch of really good ones out there that I missed. The whole 3D library was sublime..

Hoffmann1257d ago

Am still waiting for Shenmue 3.

filchron1257d ago

dont really care for these types of games. they could be done on sega saturn. would be cool if some indie made a fast crazy 3D platformer ala you know what im talking about. Dat Sanic edventure..


My Dreamcast is still up and running! Bring it on!