Why Bashing HD Remakes Is Wrong

Play: "Last week, we gave you Retro Gamer Editor Darran Jones stating the case against the trend for HD remasters on current-gen consoles. This week we present the counter argument from Play Editor Luke Albigés."

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SpinalRemains1381257d ago

So because a PS4 owner may not have owned a PS3, the rest of us must deal with the remake?

That's the lamest excuse I have ever read. If they missed out, that's what happened. Why must the developers cater to them?

And yes, remakes do replace new games. Resources and time spent on remakes are wasted when considering how they can be used toward new games.

Lets get real here. The only reason they exist (remakes), is because they return more than twice the profit due to ease of development. Any other argument in favor of remakes is just mental gymnastics.