Dishonored was nearly about feudal Japanese sorcerers

"With its instantly recognisable steampunk-aping setting, it's hard to imagine Arkane Studios' deliciously dark assassin sim being set anywhere else other than Dunwall, but it turns out Dishonored's original brief was a far cry from the game that stabbed its way into our affections.

In that interview in the latest issue of Edge, co-creative director Harvey Smith reveals Corvo's supernatural slasher found its origins during a low ebb for the studio. With two of its internal projects collapsing and the potential chance to work with Bethesda in danger of imploding too, Arkane needed a fix - and fast."

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KryptoniteTail1252d ago

Sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler.

Picnic1252d ago

For Dishonored 2, it might be interesting if, occasionally, you the game changes from the main story to showing a different assassin in another time period. Then you see the effects of what they have done on the future. So you could tie in something as removed as a Japanese sorcerer and a steampunk Victorian Britain by the consequences of their actions on the world.