On falsely advertising The Witcher 3 and what must be done

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Will we ever know who was behind the Conan O’Brien Xbox One Witcher 3 lie?

"But perhaps what we should be making noises about is stopping pre-orders; demanding that publishers be transparent about exactly what they’re showcasing instead of leading us on a run-around; and, importantly, not pre-ordering games."

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Sillicur2352d ago

I wonder if its paid PR by MS, could be i guess. Question is, was CD Projekt RED in on it?

rdgneoz32352d ago

MS has a marketing deal with CDPR. So pretty much all the ads you see say to buy the game on xbone. However, you have cases like the xbox YouTube channel showing gameplay with an xbox symbol in the corner, basically promoting that as actual xbone gameplay when it was in fact PC footage. That was changed later on to have a line stating that it was infact PC footage and a "sorry" statement...

And now this where they show the xbone game box off several times and show the xbone controller throughout the clueless gamer episode, without once mentioning it was PC gameplay. I can see CDPR being forced to show the xbone box because of the marketing agreement the two companies have, but they should have at least had a thing stating it was PC footage. It's blatant false advertising and is being intentionally done to mislead people into getting the game on xbone.

marlinfan102352d ago

"Official gameplay trailer: ps4" while showing pc footage. Let's start a new witch hunt!

rdgneoz32352d ago

And xbone's video had the xbox logo stamped on the video the whole time (which they've since changed - took the stamp out ).

joab7772352d ago

I don't know a ton but is it easier to show a game in a segment like this on a PC? I assume they skip around etc.

marlinfan102352d ago

Oh okay, MS is so much worse since playstation didn't put a logo on it LOL. Most likely because xbox has advertising rights and PS cant. I'm not saying one is worse than the other, my point is both are guilty while we have people running wild freaking out about how MS does it. I really don't even see what the big deal about all of this is.

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bmwfanatic2352d ago

This has ms all over it. What's funny is they paid for advertising rights and the xbone version will be the worst selling version.

soulsx2352d ago This is xbox one gameplay, game looks fantastic, video is captured on game dvr xbo is only 720p and we knows that the dvr dont keep the true quality but game realy look grate i buy pre-order long time ago and im happy :-)

DarkBlood2352d ago

I usually preorder based on several instances

-collectors/special/whathavey ou

- limited run games like the tales of series etc

- or if you were too late like me the majoras mask system

- games you know will stop having copies after initial shipments
and so forth

I dont see how its bad practice in its entirety I mean if I had not preordered the metriod trilogy or the skyward sword bundle I would be screwed out of my chance to obtain one

and that's my moral of the whole thing.

Kidmyst2352d ago

It's mostly where people pre-order from where money down is needed. That's usually the biggest pre-order thing most avoid. I pre-order my games on Amazon, no money down, it's like a list of games I am interested in and can remove the game at any time, free Prime shipping gets the game on my doorstep the day of release, no out of the way retail stops. Plus like you said, helps lock in truely limited editions I really want.

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