Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Gets Fantastic Looking PS4 Screenshots,PS3 vs Vita vs PS4 Comparison

GearNuke: "Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster will be released on the PS4 tomorrow but some stores are already selling the game ahead of the official release date. Now that the game is out, we have a good idea of how the PS4 version compares to the PS3 and Vita version of the game."

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DarkOcelet1346d ago

It looks more crisp which i am sure the PS3 could have handled that type of clarity easily. It felt as if they held back the graphics just to make a difference between the PS3 and the PS4 version.

Either way its a must buy for JRPG fans who didnt play it before.

MRMagoo1231346d ago

I cant imagine there are many jrpg fans that havent played it tho lol. I think I will stick with my ps2 versions tho cos the discs are still in mint condition and so is my launch ps2.

Army_of_Darkness1346d ago

Sure it looks a little more clear and sharp, but regardless I still find it a lazy port. Se could have at least add 60fps as well to make it more super smooth gameplay as well, but Naw... That will take more effort....

nitus101345d ago

I have an original PS3 and have found that while you can definitely see the graphical difference between a PS2 game and PS3 game most PS2 games still look fine even on my 55" HDTV compared to PS1 games (very grainy) which all PS3 can play. As far as playability goes there is no difference.

Personally I preferred FF12 to FF10 since IMHO FF12 had a much better story line and combat system (no shifting to a combat arena like all the the other FF games) but IMHO both games are great.

Note: I will probably get allot of disagrees with me saying the above but I did prefer not shifting to a fight arena and you do have the ability to move on the battlefield as well as the ability to fine tune the fight which is especially useful in a boss fight.

slappy5081346d ago

Yeah def look crisper, otherwise I cant really see much of a difference in the textures. Dont really mind too much, as this will be my first go at this game. Im liking the look of the colourful settings, and the sunset over the water in the one picture really does look awesome

UNKLE1346d ago

yes ps3 could handle this graphics easily this is another idiot marketing bullshit from square enix to try making more money.

Magicite1346d ago

FFX might outsell FF7 and then SE must make remaster of FF7 as they promised (wishful thinking).

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Zichu1346d ago

I already have it on the PS3, haven't finished it yet though... I will probably get it on the PS4 as well just to see how good it is. Plus, I put my PS3 away and it's a pain constantly switching out consoles.

DarkOcelet1346d ago

So taking 10 seconds from your precious life to remove the cables from your TV is a pain? LOL!

Zichu1346d ago

Don't think you seem to understand my situation. My TV unit is packed, so I have no space. My console is back in its box which is behind a load of other boxes.

It's not just as simple as taking out some wires. I have a set up that fits nicely.

Can't see why I got 3 disagrees because I want to get it on the PS4 O.o

Takwin1346d ago

Get a 5-switch for HDMI. I have my PS4, PS3, Wii U, Roku, and Chromecast. It auto-switches when a console is turned on, and goes back to the Roku when it's turned off.

It's less than $20 on Amazon, plus they make ones as small as 3 and as big as 10 switches.

infinitewords1346d ago

That still doesn't change the fact he said his t.v. stand is already packed, though. But, anyway I understand you, Zichu I too am getting it on PS4 for similar reasons.

nitus101345d ago

If you have a fairly modern HDTV with multiple HDMI ports just switching on your PS3 (exception the original PS3's which have to be switched manually, usually via the remote) will switch on your HDTV which will in turn will select the particular HDMI port your active PS3 is on.

This will work with multiple HDMI devices so it is possible to have a PS3 and PS4 and even an Xbox hooked up to different HDMI ports of your HDTV. I actually use my HDTV as my switching hub since I do have 4 HDMI ports and 3 analogue ports. All sound signals goes to my amplifier via optical cable. Even manual selection via my remote takes a few seconds.

The only problem I find is having to select from over a 100 games (PS1, PS2, PS3 and Gamecube) which one I want to play today.

Skate-AK1346d ago

Wow. That looks much better than I expected.

StevenSeagul1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Just use PCSX2 to play the PS2 version on your PC and turn the resolution up to 1920x1080, and save yourself some money.

DonkeyDoner1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

minus trophy
you're a deuce

StevenSeagul1346d ago

Emulating your own copy isn't piracy.

Thanks for the childish inault.

GameSpawn1346d ago


Not to be insulting, just throwing this technicality out there.

Obtaining the BIOS images needed for said emulators to work DOES border on piracy and being illegal. Theoretically if you dumped the BIOS from your OWN PS2 to use with the emulation program you would still be in the legal territory, however using a BIOS that someone else dumped and is distributing via filesharing/torrents is technically considered illegal. Sony is not going to come knocking down your doors though, especially for a now discontinued (officially) system.

UNKLE1346d ago

You cant be serious maybe you are a pc fanboy no matter what resolution play with pcsx2 the game textures,characters wont change it will be the same ps2 level.only the picture quality will be native crisp 1080p.

GameSpawn1346d ago

You can enable features (depending on emulator and graphics card) that attempt to "upscale" the textures. This looks fine with some games and atrocious with others. The more important bit with PS2 emulators is the ability to run WAY higher anti-aliasing for smoother polys as well as running higher resolutions.

Again, these features are heavily dependent on the game, your graphics hardware and the emulation program you are using. I tested PCSX2 myself with FF12 and it looked absolutely brilliant compared to its native look on the PS2 - however I also tested Bouncer (another Square game - fun as hell too) which worked OK, but had some sound issues that made the game near unplayable.

F0XHOUND1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I'll be buying this again as a fan of the game and series. If it helps support future titles get released like XII I'm all in.

Its the trophies I'm buying it for, my ps3 only plays digital after my kens broke so I can't get my platinum, now I can on ps4!

Plus I like collecting the games itself! I've a capable PC, have done since before the remaster, not one thing makes me want to emulate this, I'd rather play on an old CRT screen and PlayStation 2!

Also upscaling doesn't re-texture..... doesn't add anything but master race resolution, oh maybe enhanced colour or sharpness and 9000 fps. I don't care what it adds, but its not "remastered" unless pc modders do so! Which I'd love to see, its called being a gamer not a fanboy!

StevenSeagul1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

"its called being a gamer not a fanboy!"

Your reply and the replies of the two goons above you say otherwise. It was just a simple suggestion for people who still own the PS2 version, there's really no need to go nuts over it.

And just so you all know, I prefer my PS4 over my PC.

F0XHOUND1346d ago

I'm not going nuts lol. Just saying why I'm buying the game and my views on the emulation of it. The other guy went nuts lol

Articuno761344d ago

The visual touch ups in the HD remaster go beyond a resolution/aspect ratio change so the result isn't quite the same.

Honestly, I'd wish this PS4 HD remaster was ported to the PC. Would love to DSR it down from 4K on my monitor.

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IrisHeart1346d ago

Now about that FF6 remake...

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