The Witcher 3 'downgraded' - Does it matter?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Does it matter if CD Project Red downgraded The Witcher 3? It will matter if the final product shows a distinct difference between what they revealed over the past few months - NOT when compared to what they revealed almost two years ago at E3.

Changes to quality, gameplay and visuals are inevitable. On the other hand, doesn't game developers have a responsibility to portray the most realistic version of a game? Should gamers wise up and stop buying the hype?

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CongoKyle1259d ago

Maybe they're terrified after all these failed launches in the past year. I can see it now. Release a downgraded games (runs perfectly from launch) and patch it in a month or so increasing everything once again.

Smart move? Maybe.

HoldenZA1259d ago

Have to agree with you. Rather downgrade now and the update with patches to be sure it runs smoothly.

ironfist921259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

People like you is why half assed games are allowed to be sold day 1

People give crap to Ubisoft all day long among other developers for the bait-and-switch tactis of downgraded games, why should another developer be let off the hook?

Unless you're okay with being labelled a hypocrite, it does matter, and its not okay.

uth111259d ago

If they were lazy, they wouldn't bother downgrading.. That takes work. They'd release it as is , even if it runs like crap

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700p1259d ago

Whether its downgraded or not...does it matter? I swear everyone always wants to nitpick on every game released nowadays lol

showtimefolks1259d ago

it matters because i have way too much respect for cd-red project. They are one of the few developers who actually look out for gamers

don't get me wrong the wicther 3 is a must buy and looks amazing but we would have bought the game without all the crap,

I hate the fact on conan they had a xbox one box and a controller, isn't that false advertisement?

But i feel like this trend is only starting, things will get way worst. every year we will get new trailers that show an stunning game only for it to look nothing like that years later

HanCilliers1259d ago

I'm also upset about he Conan thing. As you've said, CDPR is one of the few devs that showed that they respect their customers. So yeah, Witcher 3 really doesn't need all this crap.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1259d ago

Stop with all this nonsense. Witcher hasnt been downgraded. Accept that the consoles cannot achieve PC visual fidelity in an Open world game.

What you were originally shown was PC footage. The reality is that the consoles were never gonna achieve that.

I have a PS4 and x1 but its only for the exclusives cause im aware that the multiplats will perform and look better on my PC gaming rig.

sevilha821259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

i only wich that i could afford myself a beast rig to play the game in the platform that this masterpiece deserves,even thou i will destroy hundreds of hours in the ps4 playing it

on_line_forever1259d ago

iam so so angry just look at this picture and you will see how much they downgraded the game

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DesVader1259d ago

As long as they deliver their normal kick-ass gameplay, no matter...

q8kik1259d ago

Kickass gameplay from previous Witcher games?

lol I hope not. Gameplay was the only lacking thing about the old games.

HanCilliers1259d ago

I hated the gamplay in previous Witcher games, really hope Witcher 3 will be different.

ZombieDreddZA1259d ago

Still looks fantastic to me.

Unreal011259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Yep, downgrade or not. Definitely picking this up. People really do get way too sensitive about this downgrade stuff haha.

Lol @ Haru

Jesus man, you're one of those people I'm talking about. If your going to whinge so much then don't buy it.

OB1Biker1259d ago

The gaming community on the internet :/
Ask any gamer in real life they ll tell you they want the game to look good when they play it (if they buy it)... they dont care what people thought it would look like years ago.
Its the same thing with the fanboy wars ; nothing to do with the real world.

methegreatone1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

It's still a pity if it was downgraded. It looks great, but not amazing.

Given that TW2 was, in many ways, the best looking game when it came out, this is kind of sad.

I mean, we saw a build that looked incredible.
Why not preserve those options for PC players. Why not give us the option for higher res grass, more foliage etc etc. ?

The whole "we want the same experience across all platforms" thing is retarded. PC is about options, so give PC players those options. Future proof the game.

I mean, ffs, console players are going to enjoy it regardless of whether or not the PC has better visuals.

HanCilliers1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Let's see what the final build looks like before we say it's been downgraded for sure.

Bubiii1259d ago

Looks good, but not as good as we were led to believe.

HanCilliers1259d ago

Led to believe from what exactly? The E3 reveal 2 years ago?

SonZeRo1259d ago

How many people actually have PC's that can handle this game on Ultra? As article states the E3 show is almost always done on the best available PC's and or pre-rendered, so i would normally expect a bit of a downgrade, they can always release HD texture packs if need be.

methegreatone1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

So what ? Let people run it at high. The Witcher 2 was insane on requirements. Did that stop people without beastly PCs from enjoying it ?


All it did was future proof it, and add to the experience when we can play it now maxed out.

PC is about options. Why not give us those options.

The downgrade here is, whatever said and done, because it was developed alongside consoles. Which is totally fine. I understand why that's the best way of doing things. I'm not angry or anything. Just a tad bit disappointed. Still my most anticipated game of all time.

It's only common sense though.
Remember TW2 was made PC first and actually looked better than pre release footage. If TW3 was made the same way, I can guarantee you it would look much better.

Articuno761259d ago

The console angle makes no sense to me. There's no reason they couldn't have kept the original assets, even if they were only for use on the PC version. I'm not buying any tin-foil hat conspiracies that they did this so console owners would feel better about themselves or something - please, only realistic theories that are grounded in reality.

If they downgraded it, it was likely because their initial target was too ambitious for them from a sheer art asset creation perspective rather than a technical one.

SonZeRo1259d ago

Agreed, Its just people expect to see ultra level graphics when their PC's can hardly scrape a high, I'm all for games having huge ultra graphics specification needs, but then people need to understand that you won't get the uber shiny graphics if their pc can't handle it.

Sillicur1259d ago

As long as the gameplay is good and the story is as awesome as the other witcher games, it doesnt matter!

ironfist921259d ago

So then youre okay with other developers doing that as well, especially Ubisoft with Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed? Or are you a hypocrite?

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