Konami's Unique Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel Ships

Konami announced today that the company's second digital comic for the PSP, Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel, has shipped. Based on the comic book series, it allows fans to scan each virtual page for more than 300 different points of interest, which in turn lead to further knowledge of the MGS universe.

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OutLaw6608d ago

But this game or what ever it is sounds like it is a waste of time.


PlayStation Plus Just Quietly Released the Most Overlooked Tactical RPG Of All Time

Jeanne d'Arc is a brilliant hidden gem that released on the PSP in 2007, and now the tactical RPG is finally available again through PlayStation Plus.

OtterX3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

One of my favorite PSP titles of all time. This is probably my favorite Classic title to hit the PS Catalog yet. I had already bought it on Vita though as part of the PSP store, so I got it for free here to keep. That was quite generous of them, considering the HD overhaul and trophy addition. It would have been worth buying again. Every jrpg fan should try this out on PS+ catalog.

solideagle2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

can we not buy it separately? it seems its only for premium

OtterX2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

No? It shows up on mine as owned "Free" bc I bought it years ago.

If you have a Vita, I suppose you could still buy it, if it's still on the store there?

*edit - yep it's still there! $9.99 is a steal for this remaster. (of course free on PS+ catalog is amazing too! This is one I like owning though) You should be able to buy it there on that link on your PC.


Here's a reddit post about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/JR...

shinoff21831h ago

It's 10 bucks. Go over to the ... on the game page. It should let you buy it

BinaryMind1h ago

@OtterX - Yes you can buy this game without owning a Vita (like pretty much every other PS classic on PS4/PS5). I bought it yesterday on PS5. It also costed 10 USD.

jznrpg2h ago

Its a great one and I’m going to play it via the Portal. Summoner PS2 also got trophies which is cool

MeteorPanda2h ago

Nothing beats ff tactics: war of the lions in my heart.

gold_drake1h ago

nothin beats Shinging Force 2, i mean, no contest haha xD

shinoff21831h ago

Shining force 2 was the first tactic game I ever played. Loved that turtle.

OtterX1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Yes! Final Fantasy Tactics is still my favorite tactical jrpg of them all!

gold_drake1h ago

its rly good, playing right now actually ha.


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion And Remnant II Are Joining PlayStation Plus - Report

No More Heroes 3 and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are reportedly being added as well.

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10 Best PSP RPGs Of All Time

One of the strongest genres that the PSP had to offer would have to be RPGs. The PS1 and PS2 both had strong RPG libraries, so it’s not a huge surprise that the PSP picked up the baton with some real bangers.

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gold_drake8d ago

very good list.

i played almost all but one of them

Cacabunga8d ago

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth was something!! One of my favorite games of all time