The enduring appeal of Nintendo's StreetPass - 3DS' smartest feature, four years on


Four years on and I'm still carrying around my 3DS. It sits in my bag each day as I walk to the office and it travels with me when I journey elsewhere. True, the amount of time I spend on Nintendo's dinky dual-screen has dropped over time, despite the introduction of its beefier XL and shinier New 3DS models. But it's still my go-to place for bite-sized gaming sessions.

I still check in on my Animal Crossing town, usually to apologise for my absence and make sure my favourite villagers haven't completely given up on me. Or I load up a Virtual Console game, usually one from Nintendo's generous Ambassador collection, and give that a go. Or, shamefully, I go and use up my free gameplay time on Pokémon Shuffle (and yes, I know, I initially said I hated it).

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