E3: Nothing to see here

Globe and mail reports that journalists and game publishers alike are expressing disappointment over the video game trade show's growing lack of influence and excitement. As evidence, the author cites a story that details Ubisoft head Alain Corre's unhappiness with the show's current format, IGN's declaration that "Nintendo has made it pretty clear that it no longer lives and dies by the once-unequaled venue," Activision's decision to withdraw completely from the event, Wired magazine's summation that "E3 this year is just about companies showing off what they'll have for the holiday season-in many respects games that have already been announced," and an overall "lack of truly revelatory information from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo."

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falcon3233839d ago

Finally, an article that is bashing the whole industry and not just one company... Although i only read the summary, maybe the real problem is we are expecting to much out of video games these days?