16 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Xbox

Right now the competition between the newest of their machines and Sony's "For the gamers"-fronted PR behemoth is providing some fantastic stuff on the consumer end in terms of discounted deals and monthly freebies, but they didn't get to this top spot dogfight very easily – in fact, there's a number of places where it all could've turned out completely different.

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ThanatosDMC1308d ago

Pretty sure Sony got number one on release and then kept on going. They dont have those hilarious memes of people running/fighting for PS4s for nothing.

Zeref1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

It's still possible for Microsoft to acquire Sega. It would be best for gaming. I'm sure under Microsoft sonic would be brought to its former glory.

RedSoakedSponge1308d ago

id care more about crazy taxi, power stone etc over more sonic games. sonic isnt the franchise it use to be.

Moldiver1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Im surprised they havent, given the two have hostory of sorts dating back to the Dc's OS. They could rebrand the xbox as a sega machine in japan, and let shenmue 3 (Yu suzuki says money is the issue..MS have plenty of that), skies of arcadia, a new yakuza and virtua fighter amongst others draw in the crowds of gamers over their..aswell as here in the west. It would also give them a huge back catologue of IP to play with, bolstering their own. Sonic, burning rangers, gun valkerie, the shining series and phantasy star series RPGs, all the arcade classics. And they have the entire DC, saturn and megadrive libraries for cheap downloads.

I amazed that MS have not bought them already.

Zeref1305d ago

Haha that's actually not even a bad idea. Call it the DreamCast Xbox and japan would eat it up.

Moldiver1304d ago

dreambox. X-cast. cast box? lol

RosweeSon1308d ago

Like they did with the great Talent that was Rare?! Sure Rare were on downward spiral anyway but Microsoft Revived them?! Nope, Sega being bought by Microsoft sounds awful.

IVanSpinal1308d ago Show
Articuno761308d ago

Haha. Wow, I didn't know a lot of these.

itsjustexuma1308d ago

That how many xbox does it take to reach the moon is a dumb post

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The story is too old to be commented.