DSOGaming - Project CARS - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Project CARS has finally been released on the PC, and GreenManGaming has provided us with a key for this highly anticipated racer. Project CARS has been described by a lot of gamers as the ‘Crysis’ of racing games. And while the game looks amazing, it comes with some really high GPU requirements and some serious CPU issues."

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windblowsagain1258d ago

Both games look awesome tbh.

Project cars runs quite good on my system, Although I'm sure some drivers, etc are coming.

I wouldn't say Driveclub only looks good in the rain,lol.

Driveclub cars are 250,000 polys. Has an extensive realtime lighting system, real time weather, accurate sky mapping,stars etc.

sorane1258d ago

Driveclub only uses 250k poly cars in time trial mode. If there's more than 1 car in a race it swaps out for lower poly models like:



or a gif to illustrate

windblowsagain1258d ago

Not sure how much lower that is, looks like lower lod. Same model.

Photo mode is more AA.

Best comparison I've seen for Project cars.

darksky1257d ago

looks like Antialiasing and slightly different lighting is added to the photomode...thats all.

sorane1257d ago


Just check the wipers. Easy to see that gameplay has less polys than photomode. Also the dashboard.