Project Cars Xbox One Getting 4-7% Performance Increase; First Party Reasons for No Lobby Browsers

Project Cars on Xbox One will be getting a new update soon that will bring a 4-7% performance boost along with fixes for various issues. The developers also reveal that it's first party reasons that the Xbox One version is missing an in-depth multiplayer lobby.

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Rookie_Monster1284d ago

Nice increase. Imagine what DX12 will do for the console in the future.

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Eidolon1284d ago

I always thought that consoles had low enough API to make it obsolete because the developers have more control over what gets handed to the CPU/GPU and that DX12 was mainly a PC thing.

porkChop1284d ago

Yeah, Phil Spencer himself said that DX12 won't make that big of a difference in performance on XBO. PCs are able to take full advantage because they don't have such low-level APIs. Consoles do, so the real-world difference will be fairly small. Still though, it will improve performance a bit and that's a good thing.

christocolus1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )


Phil Spencer also retweeted this article about 2 weeks ago.


IRetrouk1284d ago

@ christocolus, are you not a mod? If so is it not your job to spread the right info? I have seen this post being posted again and again and it has no basis in fact, have you actually read the article, its full of crap, so now its gone from dx12 will have some sort of boost for the xbox one to the xbox is going to get the full benifits like pc? Please be more realistic.

christocolus1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )


Lol. sorry dude. not a mod and if you have issues with the article then take it up with the author and maybe you should try reading the article for yourself.its quite technical but very straightforward and easy to understand and the fact that Phil Spencer retweeted that same article is all the confirmation needed. You also see people like pork chop and gamenamefame repeating this comment over and over again

"Phil Spencer himself said that DX12 won't make that big of a difference in performance on XBO"

but you obviously have no problems with you? That comment was made in June 2014 and people always seem to forget he also made some of the following comments long after that one.

"It will help developers on XBOX One. It's not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs"

"DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things that Xbox One’s good at, which will be nice and you’ll see improvement in games that use DX12"

"We knew what DX12 was doing when we built Xbox One"

The article in question was retweeted by Phil just two weeks ago(April) so i can post it and use it in my argument.

IRetrouk1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Ok my bad you aint a mod, i dont have a problem with the xbox at all and i never said the xbox wouldnt get a boost from this, i know dx12 is going to help out in certain ways thats indisputable but the article you posted isnt based on any facts, doesnt it say the ps4 uses open gl and mantle in the future? It doesnt and it wont, and now like i said its gone from the xbox will see some improvments to xbox will see all improvments of dx12??? Thats straight up fabrication, there has been no real info on what its going to do, the article may be full of tech data but its wrong, after reading the article i dont even see how you can continue posting it, as for those other users you mention, prove them wrong with facts not wishfull thinking.

Death1284d ago

Here is the actual quote,

"It will help developers on XBOX One. It’s not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs,”

We have no idea how much of an impact DX12 will have. According to Phil it won't be "massive", but it will help developers and will unlock more capabilities for them. That isn't exactly the same as not making a difference. I'm not sure why so many don't want to see improvements for the platform. The PS4 will not get worse if the Xbox gets better.

gangsta_red1284d ago

I also have a quote from Phil Spencer that certain people seem to not want to re-post.

"DX12 will have impact on XBOX One games written for DX12. Some DX12 features are already in XBOX One but full DX12 coming."

Can we also start quoting Phil on this or is it more convenient for a certain crowds agenda to keep repeating the first half of Phil's first quote?

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Transistor1284d ago

What games in development currently do you expect to see these massive boosts in performance from DX12? Just curious. Is it just Xbox One exclusives or all titles?

And when is this suppose to be happening?

tuglu_pati1284d ago

Most likely on exclusives games and the the boost wont be massive, but there will be some kind of boost.

forager1284d ago

My guess is probably Forza, Halo, and Rise of The Tomb Raider. To what extent? I dont know, I guess well find out!

Ginesis1284d ago

I believe Halo 5 is said to be the first DX12 game on Xbox.

otherZinc1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

1. Fable Legends will be 1080p 60fps on XBOX ONE.
2. Forza Motorsport 6 will be 1080p 60fps on XBOX ONE.
3. Halo 5 will be 1080p 60fps on XBOX ONE.
These games will hit this fall.

Yes, all exclusives for now. However, Exclusives are always supposed to show off your console.

Windows 10 & DirectX 12 will call devs to the carpet for being lazy if they don't use it.

Sony doesn't have 1 1080p 60fps AAA Exclusive Game for the PS4 this gen & won't have one in 2015. Yet, the PS4 will get a pass.

Why o why1284d ago



Lets just wait and see okay.....your banding around rhetoric like its fact....Slow down

ilikepizza1284d ago

also i dont know where i read it but they said it's possible to do a patch where the game will receive a dx12 boost post launch. Personally im more than happy with the xbox graphics and dont even see the demand for direct x12,ive never once played a game on my xbox and felt like im missing anything,instead i think about how i couldnt game without snapping and quick switching. Nevermind i found it,that didnt take long lol

"DirectX 12 aims to make this easy to implement, and therefore most large game developers are likely to use it for increased performance in their titles. Some of the biggest games this year won't ship with DirectX 12, but could be added via a post-release patch. MSI originally spoke of Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight as being two of such titles in this post."


Transistor1284d ago

Besides OtherZinc lying, thanks for the responses.

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headblackman1283d ago

well to be clear, there are many top dev engines that will have dx12 in it by default. engines such as the new unreal engine,cryengine,unit (to name a few).

so if it's already in the engines that most game developers use, then the answer to your question is the majority of games in 2016 and beyond from the majority of developers old and new, big or small teams alike.

Ben Dover1283d ago


"Sony doesn't have 1 1080p 60fps AAA Exclusive Game for the PS4 this gen & won't have one in 2015. Yet, the PS4 will get a pass."

1) MLB The Show
2) Tearaway
3) The Last of Us
4) Would you like me to go on?

Aside from you spreading nonsense and assuming your machine will suddenly become a super computer, you're probably living in another reality. As of today the Xbox One can barely play any games in 1080p at 30ps without sacrificing visual effects.

wegetsignalx1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


You are lying, those games will not all be 1080p 60 fps on Xbox.

You are lying, PS4 has many 1080p 60 fps games that run at lower res/framerate on Xbox.

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gfk3421284d ago

If DX12 can brings such a massive performnance boost as you are saying, I want to ask you why MS cut features from X1 in order to provide developers more power for their games. More precisely I am referring to:
- 10% power that was reserved for Kinect;
- opening the 7th CPU core fro the developer.

So MS stripped the X1 from it features just to gain a little performance boost. Why MS do this if DX12 might bring such big changes.

The current X1 API already has (at least partially) the features of DX12. Consoles are closed hardwares for which they already have a low level API.

If DX12 could bring such performance boost for X1, I guarantee you that MS would have immediately implemented the DX12 in X1 in order to be on par with PS4.

What you are saying is not making any sence. Why would MS let X1 to struggle with the current games, when DX12 could bring such massive changes.

TheCommentator1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

DX12 requires Win10 in order to function. The final features of DX12 were just revealed and Win10 isn't even on XB1 yet, so it's funny to see you "guarantee" that MS could put unfinished code onto the XB1. Another counterpoint is that DX12 is closer to the metal than the DX11.3 that XB1 uses today.

True, DX11.3 has features of DX12 but few games at retail have any of those features yet because of when they were added to the dev kits. Sony, on the other hand, launched with an api that is better than Vulkan and there are games out for it already that take full advantage of the hardware.

There are many indicators that the XB1 was not ready to launch when it did. The wrong os and dx for starters, the horrible interface at launch, day one patch to make it work, and the difficult to use eSRAM api to name a few. Opening up more power to devs was likely the fastest way to put a band aid on the graphics problem, but it will still be a benefit when Win10/DX12 arrives.

Edit @ 1.2.2:
Are you happy I looked at your post like you asked, or sad I just tore it apart?

Bossmon1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

um sony still doesn't have a 1080p 60fps exclusive yet were almost 2yrs in....and why would ms rush out dx12 to help the xbox compete with the ps4? this "console war" isn't a sprint, everybody knows what happens when you rush software, you gotta remember dx12 is built into win10 only, so they gonna make sure it works 100% from day one, theres gonna be billions of devices that's going to be running it

MasterCornholio1284d ago

"um sony still doesn't have a 1080p 60fps exclusive yet were almost 2yrs in..."

But there are multiplats that run in 1080P 60FPS which means that first party games can reach that if the developers want to.

I honestly dont understand why people cling that argument. When it comes to developing a console game 1080P 60FPS is the developers choice not the consumers.

Do you honestly believe that the next Gran Turismo won't be 1080P 60FPS?

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wegetsignalx1278d ago

Since XB1 already has DX 11.x which includes most of the DX12 feature set, it will likely do as much as any other API update to a modern console.

PS3/360 had many API updates through their lifetimes, and PS4/XB1 will have the same. DX12 is only getting a lot of attention in particular because of constant hype and press conferences from MS.

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forager1284d ago

Also seems like they found the steering lock bug on the controller and is sorting it out, so if you have the game already - just a heads up.

mcstorm1284d ago

I'm glad they have found this bug I have been going mad when this happens. I though my controller had an issue at the start but its been fine in all my other games. It seems to happen when there are other cars on a corner. For me PC is a good game but it feels unfinished like GT5 did. I hope the developer can roll things out fast as the bugs really hamper the experience of the game and if things like the steering lock don't get resolved it wont be long before I give up on the game esp with Forza 6 out later on this year.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

The PS4 version has public, friends and private lobbies, but the XB1 version don't have a lobby browser because microsoft didn't want in their version of the game.
WTF microsoft?

Edit: good to hear that with this update, it's getting a performance increase.
Still don't like fact that there's no lobby browser for it though.

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