Doctor Who Will be Making an Appearance in LEGO Dimensions

The Time Lord himself will be making an appearance in LEGO Dimensions.

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uth111258d ago

Scooby Doo AND Doctor Who? Nooooo! I hate the "toys to life" concept, please don't make my buy this! /s

addictedtochaos1257d ago

I know what you mean, game looks fun, but after Skylanders and amiibo I don't want to buy another one. The possibility of a Lego Tardis is enticing.

RosweeSon1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Yeah think my bank could do without it but when they've announced Simpsons and back to the future sets!!! Argh! Haha, Lord of the rings ones are cool as well but yeah all about back to the future and Simpsons for me ;) might have to get a pre order in now ;( haha. Oh yeah and the sets from Portal and also Scooby Doo. Expensive times.