Revenge of the License: Robocop Versus The Terminator

Michael Crisman writes, "It’s been a long time since Alex Murphy, loving father and husband, has experienced anything resembling “a good day”. After being dismembered by shotgun-wielding psychopaths, Murphy woke up inside a hulking, bulletproof exoskeleton. Stripped of his free will, he now walks the streets of Old Detroit as RoboCop, gunning down criminals and delivering justice one semi-automatic pistol barrage at a time. Haunted by memories of his former life, but expressly forbidden from acting on those memories by the corporation who owns him, Murphy carries out his duties like a well-programmed cyborg. He’s a good guy doing an impossible job, but that’s no reason why fate should resist screwing him over yet again. Sometime in the future, Cyberdyne Systems uses technology gleaned from OCP’s RoboCop project to complete SkyNet’s neural net processor. In response, SkyNet declares war on humanity. Smart enough to realize RoboCop could be brought online to defeat it in the future, SkyNet uses its time displacement equipment to send Terminators back to Old Detroit. But you think Alex Murphy is going to just sit around while all hell breaks loose in his city? Hell to the no! The resulting battle could be described as “RoboCop versus the Terminators,” an idea that leads to the sort of cyborg-on-cyborg smackdown Virgin Interactive imaginatively titled RoboCop Versus The Terminator on the Sega Genesis back in 1994. Admit it: you’d buy that for a dollar."

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