The Witch Hunt for “Downgrades” Is Often Misleading and Always Obnoxious

Nowadays, before the release of every major game on the new generation of consoles and PC, and with every new trailer revealing new gameplay, the "downgrade witch hunters" come out to play. Tens of forums threads and even articles on the media pop up showing screenshot that allegedly prove a "downgrade" of the game's graphics from a previous showing.

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the_dark_one1309d ago

now i wonder if this is the reason Rockstar didnt show GTA 5 on any platform until very close to release, just so there wouldnt be any articles calling out for downgrades.

but nice article like always

and yes i know replying to myself is like licking my own balls xD

JWiLL5521309d ago

Too impressed with your flexibility to downvote.

Bansai1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I love the bs comparisons, taking the best possible quality and comparing with the worst possible quality screen, or comparing 2 completely different sceneris or times of day, buuuuut, two can play at that game, I hereby present The Witcher 3 upgrade!


starchild1308d ago

Bravo, Abriael. This was an outstanding article. One of the best I've read in a long time. Every gamer should read this.

Plagasx1308d ago

You're the reason why devs will just continue to false advertise their products.

Rimeskeem1309d ago

If they downgraded the graphics but made the gameplay that much better I would be totally fine with it. I don't really care about downgrades unless it's in gameplay.

DarkOcelet1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

I think they made the game much more colorful than gritty.

I mean if you look at the first trailer, it was dark as hell. But now, it feels more alive and colorful, thats all. Yes,the draw distance have decreased and all that but its still beautiful as hell.

And i am pretty sure a couple of PC modders will make the game look better than the E3 2013 one. You just wait and see.

Adexus1309d ago

Agreed with everything in this article, very good read!

GenuineGamer1309d ago

Reveals are sometimes more tech demos of what they can achieve in engine i think. Then over time as game development progresses they work on coding things and fitting it to the hardware. End result is real. Where as like i said the first showing is more tech demo than anything.

So not so much a downgrade, but doing their best to achieve as close to the initial tech demo as they can.

Plagasx1308d ago

Then why show it off then? If the only objective is to it to make it look amazing and build hype only to have it look 50x worse then it's pretty stupid and very misleading.

starchild1308d ago

personally, I'm not at all convinced that there was a general downgrade. None of the downgrade comparisons were convincing to me. They all tend to compare just randomly different stuff and I don't think you can conclude anything doing a comparison like that. I've seen other comparisons that actually did try to compare the same areas and the graphics were extremely close in all of those. Not to mention that the game just looks equally amazing to my eyes in general. So no, I'm not worried about any supposed downgrade.

xander707691308d ago

Posts like this are so hilarious. When EA does this, it's the worst damn thing ever. Just goes to show that when people like the studio they can get away with almost anything.

Just to clarify, I'm really not hating on the devs. The game still looks nice, and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the heck out of it. But there's no denying it looks quite a bit worse than before. These things do happen in the development process for a variety of reasons. It's just funny to see the enormous contrast between gamer response depending on which studio is doing it.

RegorL1308d ago

Interesting that you pick EA as an example. When have they been caught doing visual downgrades?

Ah, you mean Star Wars Battlefront?
"It can't be done" is not confirmation that it won't be...
@the_dark_one made an interesting point about waiting to show anything until very close to release to avoid showing more than you can pull off. Battlefront is close to release. I would not be surprised if they announce a Beta at E3, like they did for BF:H.

someOnecalled1308d ago

Funny I don't remember them doing this for the witcher 2. I should have know something was up when they kept spouting how every platform will be the same and use the same assets.

I kinda lost my faith in all devs new GPUs and dx12 and vulkan is coming out. Unless its PC exclusive I doubt new tech on PC get used. I know companies are suppose to be in it for the money but, this is going to be a ugly gen worst than last.

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GreetingsfromCanada1309d ago

I like how people lead a witch hunt against Watch Dogs, but will happily defend Uncharted 4 and The Witcher 3.

BitbyDeath1309d ago

Uncharted 4... Can I borrow your time machine bro?

GreetingsfromCanada1309d ago

I dare you to watch the E3 trailer that was in 60fps and try to compare it to the fall preview. It looks nice, but not E3 60fps nice.

BitbyDeath1309d ago

You can't compare different parts of a game and wonder why they don't look the same.

Wait til the E3 section resurfaces and then compare, that is the only way you'll get an accurate representation of progress made.

OB1Biker1308d ago

You can't ask for a fair comparison of the exact same footage. It's very much against the Internet way of knowing better and talking out of their @sses

ThanatosDMC1309d ago

U4 was downgraded? That's new. Game's not even out and everything shown was still in pre-alpha.

methegreatone1308d ago

The whole UC 4 downgrade thing is actually retarded, and I mean really retarded.

Unfortunately that's also what 95% of The Witcher 3 downgrade comparisons are like - retarded and non sensical.

However, as we've got lots of gameplay over the last month, it's become rather clear that, yes, there has been a downgrade after all.

Cra2yey31309d ago

Watch Dogs is in a league of its own. I put half the blame for making it on last gen hardware tho.

sevilha821309d ago

Do you wanna why???Because this one is a really good game,that comes from one of the most respected devs in the industrie,the fans are not concerned,mostlly because fans of the witcher dont play the game for it´s graphics,it´s much bigger than that.

The only ones motormouthing are mostly newcomers and trolls that don´t have any ideia of the masterpiece that coming in one week,to them i say only one thing...go back to Cod this game is not for you.

Kal-V31309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

You are very correct. No actual Witcher fan cares about this crap. They want the game that CDPR are making not a graphical showcase.

The downgrade brigade is all casuals and graphics snobs that are either hearing about the Witcher for the first time or are getting into all the hype and bragging "see this game isn't perfect. I told you so"

methegreatone1308d ago

Graphics are a huge part of any game. More so a witcher game, because the previous game pushed them so far.

Anyway, game still looks freaking great, and looks like it plays even better. That combat... :D
On PC ultra it will look extra beautiful, and hey, modders can add all the insane graphical stuff.

Downgrade or not, everyone is still hyped as crazy :P

someOnecalled1308d ago

I'm a witcher fan and I'm not worried about the gfx. Most of us is wondering if they handicapped PC versions like a lot of games do. Especially since they touting how they made sure all versions looked the same. Most us are just tired of PC devs get our support and just hop on the console bandwagon for a check while snuffing its main fan base. It has happened before.

And another reason is that a lot of new tech is releasing this year that is going to have PC technology passing console by leaps and bounds, so if we seeing a lot of devs struggling with consoles and gimping PC what's going happen at the end of the year. Its a chance they come out with an updated enhanced version like before or update it but. This kind leaves a sour taste in people mouth that supported the franchise since day one

Allsystemgamer1309d ago

Watchdogs E3 graphics were locked away on the disc and when used gave the game better performance. There's one issue right there

buttcheeks1309d ago

Good lord you are a special one stop comparing cutscenes to gameplay it was only in enginge footage man some people are incredibly desperate to call out downgrades

guyman1308d ago

Interesting, a game with one gameplay reveal has been downgraded already?? that's amazing. When was the Witcher 3 downgraded??

In other news, Watch dogs, lmao, was MASSIVELY and blatantly downgraded from it's initial reveal. That is the epitome of downgraded visuals.

WellyUK1308d ago

Ye but The Witcher 3 and U3 still look incredible despite a downgrade... Where as watchdogs looked incredible then when it released it barely looked better than most last gen games.

MysticStrummer1308d ago

"I like how people lead a witch hunt against Watch Dogs"

Watch Dogs is the current poster child for downgrades with very very (very) good reason. The final game bore little resemblance to the reveal.

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