Rumor: Intelligent Systems tells job expo attendees that Paper Mario is coming to Wii U

NE: "We’re hearing an interesting rumor about Paper Mario potentially coming to Wii U via Japanese forum 2ch."

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MrSwankSinatra1310d ago

please do not be like sticker star

themonado1310d ago

I just want them to make it like the first two. I did not like Sticker Star at all.

SilverClock1310d ago

For the love of all that is holy, this. And take out Super Paper Mario from the equation as well. Why they removed the combat system from that one I will never understand.

KryptoniteTail1310d ago

I agree. I thought Super Paper Mario was bad, Sticker Star showed me it can always get worse. TTYD was the best, we need a true sequel already. Same for Mario & Luigi, Super Star Saga was the only good one.

MSBAUSTX1309d ago

I really like Dream Team actually.

Takwin1310d ago

PLEASE return to the glory of Thousand Year Door

TheNPC1310d ago

Yes, this series needs a return to form. I'm one of the few that liked Super Paper Mario, but it really did peak at Thousand Year Door.

Metallox1309d ago

Oh, yes. I don't know what are they waiting for. Who cares if the fifth game results to be similar to The Thousand Year Door, like Miyamoto stated. That would be one haundred times better than both Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star.

Takwin1309d ago

And it's so old at this point, that many gamers just haven't experienced it. PLUS, it was so incredibly awesome, most of us wouldn't care, would just buy it, and enjoy it to death.

Moonman1310d ago

Rumor please be true! This made me sign and comment. haha I love the Paper Mario series.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1310d ago

..... I rather it be Advance Wars

elninels1310d ago

Uuuugggghhhhh yeah. I jailbroke and installed an emulator on my old iphone just for this.

Metallox1309d ago

For Wii U? No. Paper Mario, please.

jonrhoades871310d ago

I know 99% of these rumors/leaks are BS but I would be stoked for a new proper entry, I absolutely adore this series. Back in 11th grade I would miss countless days just so I could play TTYD and Timesplitters 2 lol, among others.

Give me a true sequel to the N64/GC games Ninty. Then give me Metroid. Then give everyone that F-Zero game we've waited two gens for and I am content.

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