The Retro VGS - New Cartridge Video Game Console

With cloud and digital gaming becoming the normal, physical copies of games are becoming more and more rare. But what if a company brought back the cartridges and retro-style gameplay? Introducing a new console: The Retro VGS.

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1349d ago

ironic they are using the jaguar molds because the retrovgs shall meet a similar fate

dennett3161349d ago

Awful idea. Cartridges are prohibitively expensive for the indie devs they want to attract, so the cost is going to get passed to the consumer. $60+ to make it worthwhile for collectors....maybe $40 if it's got minimal extras. Shovel Knight for $15 DRM free, or 3 to 4 times that much just for a cartridge.
Ouya failed with a less niche architecture and OS, and less restrictions and costs. This will be a fraction of even THAT audience, and Ouya could barely attract devs to actually develop actual games (as opposed to just signing up and being counted as a dev on a marketing blurb).
The only way I see it working, is the console comes with a cart shell that you can plug an SD card into that holds the game. Even that increased dev costs in a way that most won't be able to afford. All for games that might ape the style of the nostalgic games of your youth, but don't quite measure up. It'll flop, hard...and those who fall for the inevitable Kickstarter pitch will end up regretting it like thousands regretted backing the Ouya.

TWB1349d ago

As long as it has good support and doesnt cost too much it could be a decent console.

Im definitely keeping an eye out for this console but Im also concerned about the cost of the cartridges. Maybe use flash memory fitted inside the big bulky cartridges ? should be cheaper and more cost efficient.