Project CARS multiplayer videos

Let's finish VVV coverage of Project CARS with a bunch of PS4 videos of the multiplayer mode. To avoid the craziness of some online players, we chose to invite Tkaz/Augur and CaptainTARASS for a few races, adding sometimes a few AI pilots to accompany us in our awkward rides. Some beautiful sights, a good number of laughs when we ended up in pitch black behind the wheel of a kart, and some adrenaline rushes for sure. If you aren't fed up with all our footage yet, enjoy the videos!

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ps4fanboy1254d ago

In its own fashion , graphically when running it is up there with driveclub IMO , looks amazing watching hi res videos of PC on my cinema screen , will get... when I have money!!

Ultra Gamer1254d ago

The trees popping out in the side view mirror looks terrible. Otherwise, it looks pretty good.

ironmonkey1253d ago

yeah doesnt look any different on the pc with he side view mirror.
290x crossfire**