E308: South Park XBLA to launch in 2009

Remember that epic trailer showcasing the new South Park game for Xbox Live Arcade? All 2.4 seconds of it. No details were dropped regarding what type of game it would be but the South Park Studios official site is already trying to fuel the hype train.

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DarkBlade3839d ago

I see sony beating Xbox live arcade with all their Psn titles.

NinjaRyu3839d ago

That's your own damn opinion DarkBlade. I feel both PSN & XBL have their own shane of good & bad games. Besides I a good feel about the south XBLA title!

Sam Fisher3839d ago

i own a ps3 and 360. but i am truly disappointed in the psn. theres no ps1 greatest hits, demos r old. i mean hold u gotten overlord demo out not too long ago but 360 had be4 the game came out (e.g.) xbox arcade has sh*%y games as well but not as bad as psn. after mgs4 came out and i beat it my ps3 is bak to collecting dust again untill ff comes out... thats basically it.

m233839d ago

I'm a big fan of South Park I hope the game is as good as the show.

PirateThom3839d ago

Have you ever played any of the numerous South Park games?

It won't be.

-M4verick-3839d ago

Me too bro. This could be really cool on Xbox Live.

pornflakes3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Compared XBL to PSN. Everybody who owns both consoles knows that MS gives players the best online service/ support not only in the US.
I have a PS3 in germany and guys.. we have only ~40 demos here and some other things, compared to the UK they have double the amount of what we get here.

And on XBL we have about 320 demos, 130 addons, 70 movies in the video marketplace with trailers the game libary on XBL is about nearly 450!

Thats a really huge difference. I dont know how the PSN is in the US but in germany Sony really dont make a good job. It seems to me that Microsoft dont forgets their customers. I like to pay my 6 euro/ months to get a great service.

user8586213839d ago

well so far all south park games haves sucked!

NMC20073839d ago

did this turn into a pissing match between psn and xbla so damn quick?! FIRST DAMN POST! Jesus this is a PS3 ran site man, no Xbox thread is safe from you guys.

I could make a blank page with the word Xbox 360 in the middle and and nothing more and it'll get at least 30 replies and 200 agrees from PS fans.

-M4verick-3839d ago

PS3 fanboys are buts and constantliy trying to defend their garbage console.

DarkBlade3839d ago

Seem like you are a fanboy. Since you are calling Ps3 garbage. It would seem that you like 360 or wii. Im not a fanboy and i think what ninja ryu said was right it just my opinion.

xJxdOggyStYLe3839d ago

you hit it right on..this site is crazy...its like a sony cult.....and the mods are just as bad.....2 times in the past month i have been banned for 7 days and 14 days on other names....bcuz i said some positive things about xbox and i put down uncharted....and not 2 mins after i put them up they were deleted and i was banned.....not to mention the pure biased fanboyism in the msg boards and even alot of articles....this site has a ton of potential and is great for gamin news...but...its very poorly ran...and as i said is almost a sony cult site now

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