Why Titanfall 2 Has a Harder Road than the Original

The original was an early next-gen exclusive with a wide-open spring release. If Titanfall 2 wants to go up against the holiday crush.

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Rimeskeem1309d ago

I personally think they made a great base for a franchise. They need to add a solid story now and more content. I would love it if they made it a 10 v 10 with less bots and more levels with more layers to them.

ape0071309d ago

100% agree, TF1 was absolutely magical but lack a lot of stuff

the future is very bright for these great developers

thorstein1309d ago

I only wished it had come to PS4. The idea that TitanFall 2 will be coming is exciting for me.

This looks cool. I will definitely grab it. I don't see how a much larger install base X1 + PS4 makes this a harder road (ala the Headline) though.

Why o why1309d ago

Maybe it will improve like how uncharted 2 improved upon the first game. Sequels tend to be better than their predecessors. Doesn't always happen but the first titanfall was a good base to work off

Vegamyster1309d ago

Unless the bots have an actual purpose other then free points ect I'd like to see them removed, or at the very least have them in a Moba styled game mode that would suit them.

ThanatosDMC1309d ago

Those super advanced AI bots can only be powered by the great power of the Azure cloud. PS4 version will be gimped. /s

Maul_T_Pass1309d ago

I still play TF. I thought it was a fun, fast paced shooter. I never understood the hate. They tried to do something different and I think they pulled it off pretty well. Just take out the smart pistol and we're in business.

Rimeskeem1309d ago

I loved it when I played it but the game just couldnt keep me. There wasn't enough content to keep me going and so I fell back into BF4.

Maul_T_Pass1309d ago

I suppose. The new map packs being added as a free download was fun. But I can see you POV.

Hoffmann1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

An easy solution for Electronic Arts to develope a big winner for multiple platforms with Titanfall 2 would be to surprise the whole gaming community if they release a big game with a lot content for both single player and multiplayer modes and all of a sudden release no dlc for it and just take care that the game is great, not buggy and makes the customers happy for a long time.

_-EDMIX-_1309d ago

"of a sudden release no dlc for it" and um.."not buggy and makes the customers happy for a long time"

Soooo releasing less post launch is better? I don't get it? Why would less be better?

Also network games will always be a bit buggy at launch, I've never played any MP game that was just PERFECT at launch ,even by the best teams in the world, that is just unrealistic.

How can they make gamers happy for a long time with no post launch content? generally have MORE then what the last entires released with, this game doesn't need a SP, its a MP only title and I'm 100% fine with that, let the focus on making an MP title and post launch content can only help, not hurt.

I'm sorry but BF4 doesn't get better because DLC didn't release....I"m not sure how that helps a game.

_-EDMIX-_1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

"a lot content" Do you think they are seeking a number or a quality? It takes years to develop games and if someone could make a game with the most levels and better quality ,we clearly would already see that by now.

Clearly its not the case as we've yet to find such a title up to pair with the main FPS heavy hitters.

Though I didn't play the first, Titan Fall launched with a good amount of maps and I heard lots of great things regarding its balancing. I would say have more players, but again, I haven't played the first so I don't even know if its fairly fine with 6 on 6.

and I see no issue with DLC as I'm not sure why saying your not making more content for the game post launch, would help gamers in any regard.

Why? Oh based on the clueless few that think all DLC is just cut content? Yet can't name a title that just launched with 40 maps only to have it sequels release with less? Sooooo make no DLC for those that cry about dlc, thus making less content for those that want it, less work for the team at ReSpawn and less money for EA....

I see.....

Activemessiah1309d ago

Not really.. if it has a SP then it'll be fine.

Rimeskeem1309d ago

It needs more content and maybe make a prestige system to make people play the game more and rank up.

buttclown1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

There is a prestige system.

Edit: Before I forget, it's called generation in TF like "that person is a Gen 10"

Str8Chaos741309d ago

There is the Rank chip as well that ranks you on how good your performance is and if you achieve certain goals.

wakeNbake1309d ago

It will sell great especially since its on ps4 now too.

OmegaShen1309d ago

More weapons, edit your characters, more titans and remove dumb bots.

Maybe give story offline or make it online coop.

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