Assassin's Creed: Chronicles - China Rated for PS Vita (Yes, Brazil Strikes Again)

The Brazilian ratings board strikes again with yet another unannounced PS Vita title being rated, this time Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Chronicles - China.

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Geobros1349d ago

LOL......another Brasil rumor.

chrish19901349d ago

Somebody needs to tell Brasil to keep its mouth shut. This rate, e3 will be nothing but a formality.

extermin8or1349d ago

This makes complete sense. Ubisoft have been probably the best 3rd party supporter of the vita and these games fit perfectly on it.

nidhogg1349d ago

This makes more sense than that type 0 rumour about a 2014 rating. But seriously though.. What is wrong with brazil?

Kal-V31349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

So it's safe to assume it's all fake. Thanks Brazil. You've ruined everything, again! ;P

Edit: Actually.. this might all be stuff that is going to be announced for Vita at E3. If that's the case. That's pretty cool. For Type 0 tho, not this. I heard this game is ass.

chrish19901349d ago

It's actually not half bad (played console version) and if it was on the Vita at a decent price, say a fiver, it'd be well worth investing in.

porkChop1349d ago

Video game ratings are rarely ever fake. Sometimes you see ratings for games that never end up coming out, like certain PS1 games being rated for PS3. That's because the releases were cancelled due to licensing issues and things like that. But if a game/product has been reviewed by a ratings board there is a very good chance the product is real.

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