Jack Tretton "I bleed with every word that's written"

Following the Sony E3 08 press conference, Jack Tretton sat down for a one hour round table with bunch of reporters. The final question of the session was "Do you ever get nervous when you say something and you see all the keyboards light up at the same time?"

Jack says:
"...I bleed with every word that's written. You can't make everybody happy, not everyone is going to agree with you. I care about some unknown guy that responds to one of your blogs and trashes something I said..."

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Overr8ed3746d ago

Emo? but i guess that he means well when he said that... he may mean that articles take things out of perspective and he hates it when that happens and that makes sense.

thewhoopimen3746d ago

sigh... emo? How about just humility? The guy's being real here.

Jack Meahoffer3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

The E3 presentation this year was so slick and well put together then this sweaty loaf waddles out stumbling on his words. He just seems out of place. Not the smooth sophisticated image that Sony shoots for. To me he just doesn't embody "Sony". Phil Harrison and Kaz mop the floor with this guy.

Also I thought his opening joke about Jack Palance being dead was of really bad taste for the face of a huge corporation. It wasn't funny. Basically a douche chill moment. Plus young people most likely have no idea who he was talking about nor the moment Palance did the push up at the Oscars. I wish Sony would replace him. SCEA needs someone respectful like a Phil Harrison type.

Every public figure has bad things said about them. Especially high profile gaming industry executives that suck at presentations. Its part of your job. Man up Tretton!

Playstation Man3746d ago

He cares and that the PS executive base cares, If he cares that someone is writting something, he and others probably research comments, feedback and respond to them through direct communication or execution. We've seen it before ala Firmware 2.41.

Has Microsoft done this for the RROD? lol, nope!

gaffyh3746d ago

I think Jack Tretton is the only PR guy that is not an ass like everyone else. Seriously that Don Mattrick guy was too smug, like Reggie from Nintendo. And that stupid old woman was just annoying in the Nintendo conference.

But we should have had Kaz introducing Riiiiidge Racer again, lol that was hilarious.

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GiantHstx3746d ago

Yeah it kind of shows the human side a bit when every comment someone makes he reads and takes to heart.

SaiyanFury3746d ago

Agreed. You cannot please everybody. For every one person that loves what you do there's another one that hates it. And these days, thanks to the internet, you get to hear both sides of the argument fanatically going at it. I can certainly understand Mr. Tretton's trepidation about making comments.

GiantHstx3746d ago

+ yes, we are listening to what your saying and taking it on board.

socomnick3746d ago

Emo as hell. :P

Hes a horrible public speaker though. Sony should replace him.

btkadams3746d ago

really? i thought he did a great job this year, i mean he did do the whole conference alone, give him credit.

3746d ago
beavis4play3746d ago

tretton is worlds better than reggie or don. what a couple of phonies ms and nintendo have working for them.

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Torch3746d ago

"really? i thought he did a great job this year..."

I agree...I was impressed with the way he handled the show...a world away from his humbling performance last year: So nervous it was as if he was speaking in front of a trigger-happy firing squad.

Well, in a way, I guess he was...except instead of guns, the squad had keyboards.

He won my respect with this year's performance.

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metalhead3746d ago

Sony made a good move making this guy SCEA head. Usually these ppl could care less but this guy is a dedicated person dedicated to his product probably one of the best heads in the gaming industry

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