Edge of Eternity Screenshots

Midgar Studio has released a few new screenshots for their successfully kickstarted RPG, Edge of Eternity.

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Sly-Lupin1259d ago

Except for the title. It's pretty generic

Kurisu1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Looking good. If it makes its kickstarter I'll give it a go.

Takwin1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I am a backer and it's already way past funded and the Kickstarter is over. Game looks amazing and the devs have been superb so far. They have detailed plans and every step so far has been great.

I've backed 31 Kickstarter games and just be aware that they often ship a few months late, but if you do your research, there is a very good return on investment (especially for early birds) PLUS you get to support devs directly so that their vision is enabled by fans instead of suits.

Kurisu1259d ago

Oh right, I missed the "successfully funded" bit! Well, that's good news. Thanks to you I guess for being a backer and giving me the opportunity to play the game :D

Also what do you mean about good return in investment? Do backers get any money off the game when it releases?

Takwin1259d ago

By return on investment, I mean something more closely to "value." Many games are in the $10-$20 range. AAA quality games are often $25-$30, which is just fantastic.

RpgSama1259d ago

Love this generation of games, contrary to popular belief I think we are entering a new golden age with digital distribution, small studios troughout the world are making games, all kind of games, developers that grew playing what I grew playing.

The perfect example is "Midgar Studio", you just know what games they were playing when they were young. Another example is a brazilian developer called Swordtales, if you go to the playstation blog they are promoting an Ico Style adventure game called Toren, in other generations, the generations of only physical distribution, these people would have never gotten the chance.