1UP: Prince of Persia 'Hands-On' Preview

E3 is where Ubisoft gave people a chance to get their hands on the game for the first time. Aside from demonstrating the game's excellent pseudo cel-shaded visual style, the E3 demo was set up to give people a sense of the controls and to showcase the interaction between the prince and Elika. The controls, for instance, have been made a bit more straightforward than in previous Prince games -- it's easier to pull off moves and run on walls -- and the complexity comes from using Elika effectively.

There were several chasms in the demo that required Elika's help to safely make it across -- by hitting the "Elika button" midway through a leap, she'd give you an extra boost, effectively causing a double-jump. Elika also added support during battles, and it was possible to pull off combo attacks.

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MK_Red3745d ago

Love the ending. Miyamoto came to play and they cleared the way for him. Even though he no longer brings us legends like Mario 64 or Zelda and has sadly become a puppet for stupid and casual Nintendo, I see that he still has a great taste and comes to visit one of the best games of E3 if not THE best one. (A conflict between Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia.)