1UP: The Conduit First-Look Preview

1UP got to see a demonstration of the game provided by High Voltage developers. Since High Voltage didn't have a booth at E3, the only time 1UP saw the game was during lunch in the cafeteria. While chatting with other exhibitors and journalists, Matt Curso and Eric Nofsinger, creative director and chief creative officer at High Voltage, set up the game in a corner of the room using a Wii dev kit, a wireless sensor bar, and a small 12" LCD TV. The situation was fittingly indie.

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Rute3748d ago

Graphics are nice and the gameplay is apparently great. This game will certainly show how lazy some developers like Ubisoft are in terms of pushing the hardware limits.

My only worry is that because the developers have said they intend to mimick many succesful games out there to make the definitive Wii FPS experience, the end result will be a soulless, run-of-the-mill "sci-fi" shooter. So far I haven't heard of any revolutionary features in the game, unless the All-Seeing Eye can be considered one. And revolution is something the FPS genre needs. Half-Life 2 is getting old.

TheColbertinator3747d ago

While their work is already exceptional,High Voltage will have to show that it stands out among the rest if it wants to compete with metroid prime or halo if it wants to compete.

But they dont have to innovate either and could just do what Call of Duty 4 did.Not innovate but make the gameplay and online smooth enough.

ChickeyCantor3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

...Other FPS games are played with a Gamepad and thats been done before. The Wii mote still needs to prove it self for FPS games.
Metroid was great and all but i really do think it could have been better.( And the fact that Metroid was not leaning much on the FPS concept, you were scanning more then actually shooting bad guys).

If this game was on either the PS3 or 360 i could not care for it because i've played them so much(with a gamepad) i did not like em anymore.

Wii needs some solid FPS games.

phantomexe3747d ago

check out ign video's they have got alot of them and the game looks great along with some wild weps.Sidar Metroid kicked ass...I would have to flip a coin between metroid and halo as my favorite.

ChickeyCantor3747d ago

I love Metroid prime( one of the best games i've played in my life), but i did not feel like it was justifying a FPS game.

jacen1003747d ago

heroes 2 on the wii once u play it a while and get tuned in it works a treat with the wii mote allot better than a stupid pad which should only be used for car games if u ask me ,i dident buy metriod because it wasent online but heroes 2 is and it works well the conduit should rock apparently its ment to be getting voice chat aswell .