Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition New Screenshots Revealed

Good news for the fans of Risen series as well as the PS4 owners. Developer Deep Silver has announced that they’ll be bringing Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition. The developer released a sleuth of screen shots showing how the game looks. Take a look at screen shots below.

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Optimus01011261d ago

I think I should definitely buy a PS4 for this game.

Deividas1260d ago

Oh sweet god its not. They have not improved the game in anyway that matters. The gameplay is one of the worst you will ever experience. Please go watch some gameplay videos, the combat mechanics will make you cringe. One of the worst PC games I have ever seen.

Eldyraen1260d ago

Get a PS4 for other games, play this one when it comes out just because it's there.

slappy5081261d ago

Very nice looking screenshots , I think I'll take a look at some PC gameplay videos to see if this game may be worth getting

shloobmm31261d ago

This game was horrible.

Eldyraen1260d ago

Not horrible but not the best either. The more RPGs the better imo and at least it isn't the first Two Worlds kind of bad (broken).

Deividas1260d ago

100% agree with you. The first one was great but has only gone down since then. This is by far one of the worst games you will ever play. Wanted it to be great though

sigfredod1261d ago

Wow really good looking for a tier B RPG, hope performs well too

Viryu1260d ago

If it's going to look like Arcania released this week on PS4, it's nothing to be impressed by. As much as I loved original Gothic games, the system, gameplay and engine are already outdated. The streams made Arcania look more like a PS3 game, but a little bit more fluid.

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