EA Origin Currently Down, No Installing, Launching, Downloading Games

As of a few hours ago, the official EA Support Twitter account has confirmed there are currently problems with downloading, installing, or launching games on the Origin client.

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ArnoDorian1257d ago

oh its hilarious imo, but what service of any kind is never down with problems and such.

Ristul1257d ago

physical games ftw! ;)

Reaper29r1257d ago

Exactly lol this is one reason I avoid DRM like the plague. I wish these companies would understand they can't stop pirates, it was never a lost sale, and just let us go back to CD keys for authenticating. 99% sure that's not happening, but a man can dream lol.

just_looken1257d ago

This isnt the early 2,000's even disc based needs origin to run on pc. With origin having issues no doubt battlefield games/simcity/sims etc you get my point even if you have disc based you still need a connection to the server to keep playing your game.

Reaper29r1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

@just_looken yeah it is required, NOW. That's because Origin, Steam, uPlay,, R* club and every other similar program out there are forced upon us unlike back then. I know CD keys are easy to work around and I understand they want to protect their investment, but someone who pirates your game was not going to buy it anyway. All it does is make things difficult for legit consumers and actually encourages piracy. So I avoid DRM every chance I get. Even though my rig is decent, I will get stuff on console to avoid DRM. No, consoles are not DRM. By that logic playing a game on PC is DRM since the disc won't work on a console. Anyway am I losing out on certain things like mods that way? Yeah. But I'm not slaved to some client that tells me when/what I can and can't play.

And in case someone tries to tell me they pirate to try first, I call bs on that. Maybe, just maybe, a rare few will actually do it for online games. But we know most of you don't, other wise we wouldnt be in this mess. I know several people (sadly) who say the same and never purchase.

TheColbertinator1257d ago

*plays on disc without any problems*

Father__Merrin1257d ago

I knew they were shutting all battlefield servers down and rebooting matey it's because of that. I hope they stick an extra game on the house I quite like origin, I've my pc set up so all ea games are only on Origin

Shineon1257d ago

Can't stand orgin EA should put there games on steam make it easy for everyone

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