1UP: Top 5 Disappointing Videogame Sequels

The criteria for a good sequel is almost contradictory; it's a dangerous mix of old and new, with just enough old to serve as a sturdy foundation and just enough new to prevent boredom and apathy. But when not perfectly balanced, a sequel can prove disastrous -- and said franchise may later find itself effectively neutered, with no chance of future offspring. Rely too much on the previous game and you'll have players wondering if that Roman numeral at the end of your title is just a sleep-deprived hallucination brought on by attending too many midnight launches. Abandon the predecessor entirely and you'll alienate those who spent months of their lives posting in message-board threads and feverishly stroking their pre-order receipts.

If you're thinking it's a wonder that good sequels even exist, then you're right -- and the following games will prove why you're such an astute observer of the gaming industry and no stranger to disappointment.

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ChaosKnight3742d ago

Really? MGS2 is my favorite game of the series. and Chrono Cross is done right amazing. I agree with DMC2 though, but I think FFX-2 should be in there, too.

hay3742d ago

True, I love MGS2, and Chrono Cross isn't bad. Disappoiting? Only if you wanted direct sequel to Crono adventures.

BattleAxe3742d ago

Absolutely loved MGS2, this guy is way out in left field.

ChampIDC3742d ago

I'd say the reason MGS2 was disappointing is because you're stuck playing Raiden, which nobody liked. It was by no means a bad game, but taking out Snake for the majority of the game was a poor choice.

Bob Dole3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Zelda 2
Toejam and earl 2
halo 3
mario kart wii geez this list could go on forever

Chrono Cross: The sh1t.
Mario 2: The sh1t.
MGS2: The sh1t.
Never played DMC2 or Deusex but surely they're not as disapointing as the ones up top.

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Domenikos3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

MGS2??? u got to be kiding me, it was a great game, with revolutionary gameplay and graphics. Raiden wasnt the best char BUT, this game reinforced the greatnes of Snake.

Solidus, Snake, Ray, Fortune... yey

BTW... the final sword battle is amazing.

LaChance3742d ago

was a good game BUT after being blon away with MGS1 I was expecting the same for MGS2.
It was an excellent game but nowhere as mind bloing as MGS1 was thus I felt dissapointed with MGS2.

Anyway when you compare it to the other MGS games MGS 2 was clearly the "worse" though still being excellent.

trikster403741d ago

What I always found funny is when people gripe about "Oh noes I are not Snake 4ever but gay Raiden boohoo." For most people MGS2 was only the 2nd frikkin Metal Gear they ever played, so it's not like they were engaged to Solid Snake or anything. I actually found it refreshing to see Snake through someone else's perspective.

It's REALLY funny now that Raiden is a cyborg ninja and Snake is old, they are like "Oh noes I are old man Snake I want to be Raiden!!! He's so cool!" lol, too bad all the naysayers scared Kojima away from ever making him playable. Let's hope the next MGO expansion has him in it.

MK_Red3742d ago

MK: Armageddon should have been the number 1. MKA was supposed to be the ultimate fan service but it lacked everything MK fans loved: Story, Unique characters (Every 2 or 3 characters played exactly the same), Fatalities (WTF!? Kreate-a-Fatality is the LAMEST thing EVER. It's NOT the real fatality. Just a cheap way so the lazy team could escape making fatals for all 60 plus chars.)

Where is CastleVania 2: Simon's Quest? 1 and 3 were classics but 2...

WTF is SMB2 doing there? WTF is MGS2 doing there?

kazuma3742d ago

totally agree with you, mgs2, smb2, chrono cross should not be on the list.
and yeah they could have used castlevania 2 man that game sucks so bad, the angry videogame nerd really shines on that review lol

MK_Red3742d ago

True. I should have added Crono Cross. It's also a classic. Maybe some Trigger fans don't like it but it's a great game with a huge fanbase of its own. Bubbles for you :)

I actually never played CastleVania 2 back in the day. Weren't interested in the series until Bloodlines and Sympony of the Night came out. The Angry Nintendo Nerd review is when I found out about the game :D Definitly one of Nerd's best works.

NovusTerminus3742d ago

MGS2 should NOT be up there.

Dream Machine3742d ago

MGS2 was amazing, but anyway. I feel like the only person on earth who preferred DMC2 to DMC3. I guess I liked the modern environments and it wasn't *too* easy on Dante/Lucia Must Die modes.

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