Twitch Forbids Broadcasting Witcher 3 Before Release

Early copies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pop up in United Arab Emirates.

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Applejack1259d ago

This is nothing new, just about any AAA game on Twitch has a no stream policy if it's not released yet.

bouzebbal1258d ago

what's the problem if someone streams a game before it's out? not sure it's about spoiling, it's about the quality in general. I think the developers don't want some flaws to be exposed ahead of release, which might compromise the success of it.
Developers and publishers hide this under the "spoiling" reason.
I don't know you people but i dont go watch streams of games i dont wanna get spoiled.

theXtReMe11259d ago

I can understand Projekt Red wanting to protect the story and surprises from being broadcast. You want people to experience the game for themselves and not through the eyes of another gamer or early reviewer, that may ruin plot points meant to drive the game and story forward.

Im glad this restrictions in place, because with the game releasing so soon... I dont want to be tempted into ruining anything, before I play it myself.

kingeliran1259d ago

Meh, the versions that got leaked are ps4 and xbox one, thats no way to experience the game, a masterpiece game must be played on a PC to fully appricate the game.
i never understand people that use controlers instead of mouse n keyboard,