The Witcher 3 PS4 Gameplay Video Shows Tutorial, Fantastic Environments, Ciri and Beautiful Yennefer

Yesterday you saw some really lovely PS4 and Xbox One footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and today you get some more running on Sony’s console, this time mostly focusing on cutscenes.

This means that some spoilers will inevitably be involved, but they’re rather mild, at least considering that we’re looking at the very beginning of the game, and precisely at the introduction of its tutorial. That said, if you want to go into the game completely blind, you might want to just skip the video.


Just in case the video gets taken down, there's a download link available in the post.

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ArchangelMike1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I'm skipping this video... although I really really want to watch it. I know I've said this a few times, but now I'm really going on a media blackout from this game. I'm already at the point of oversaturation, and it's beginning to get to me.

I've already seen the intro cinematic, I already know what the first quests are, I've already seen the first few mission cut scenes... It's getting to the point where I'll be completely jaded before the game arrives, and end up with an underwhelming experience in the first few hours of the game.

So yeah, media blackout for the next 10 days.

God help me when the reviews start coming in though... *sigh*

Abriael1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Can't blame you. This is actually one of the parts I played on Xbox One a month ago, so it was already spoiled for me (even if they're really mild, I guess). At least I can say that both versions look great.

Genuine-User1262d ago

I'm not to worried about potential spoilers for this game.
The Witcher 3 is enormous and has over 30+ different endings, so a spoiler or two is not of any concern in my opinion.

reynod1262d ago

Agreed lol, i am not watching any of the Witcher 3 videos. Media black out it is.

Jochy1261d ago

well said my friend, was about to watch it but you are more than correct!.. thank you for not leting me make a mistake! lol

carcarias1261d ago

Well, CDPR must be confident, embargo lifts on the not long to wait :)

starchild1261d ago

Yeah, the only stuff I'll watch from here on out are official trailers.

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Hellsvacancy1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Looks awesome, can't wait to get a PS4 this week, Bloodborne will be the first game I play, I'll get Witcher 3 next month once it's been patched up, I just KNOW it's gonna have problems, what games don't?

Genuine-User1262d ago

You're in for a fantastic time, albeit, a tough one with Bloodborne.

kratoz12091261d ago

Bloodborne is very addictive you'll enjoy it. Currently Lvl 121

ArchangelMike1262d ago

Well it's already confirmed to have a Day1 patch. But remember that CDPR took the last 4 months to just patch the game and fix bugs etc. For a single player game, I'm willing to be that it'll be one of the more stable launches in RPG history.

Letthewookiewin1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Enjoy your PS4! And Bloodborne!

Aloy-Boyfriend1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Looks so good and smooth on PS4. Thank god!

PraxxtorCruel1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Looking good but I'm hoping Geralt sticks with the fiery red girl! I've taken a liking to her as I've only played 2, not 1 :p

Abriael1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Downgrade buzz is most of the times misleading and pretty dishonest, unless someone can magically gauge every single element in a scene. All the effects, all the textures, count the polygons, the shaders and so forth.

Game development is constantly in flux. An effect that can be chosen 6 months ago, then it can be judged too costly compared to the gain it offers and replaced with another, and the saved resources can be used in something else. That's not a downgrade, but a trade off.

The whole downgrade talk does not take in consideration that resources saved somewhere can be used somewhere else. They just give a superficial look at a screenshot, see one or two effects that look subjectively worse and point fingers, without actually looking at the whole picture (because only developers know the whole picture anyway).

So beware.

PraxxtorCruel1262d ago

Cheers for the reply Abriael. Thought I'd change my post as not to start another flame war. Still appreciate the response.

Stapleface1262d ago

Dead on Abriael. There can't be a downgrade until there is a finished product. If they start taking things away after release then people can complain. But that's not going to happen.

gameslayer24111261d ago

Ab, I was curious could they have different assets to represent console quality?? Not sure if that is a thing to swap out assets, to represent the quality to be on par with all consoles. any thoughts? I mean obviously the better foliage assets are somewhere in the game.

starchild1261d ago

Really nice post, Abriael. I'm glad to see that some people in the gaming community understand how this stuff works.

Developers don't just mindlessly downgrade stuff for no reason. If something has been changed it's generally for a good reason. They are always seeking the best balance and most effective use of the resources they have available to them.

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ArchangelMike1262d ago

After reading the books - especially Lady of the Lake, I've fallen in love with Yennefer, and I don't think I can cheat on her anymore... even with Trish. :)

dRanzer1262d ago

What a view...just beutiful

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