Earn to Die 2 Cheats: 5 Useful Tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Earn to Die 2 is the sequel to the popular Android and iOS game Earn to Die, Not Doppler’s latest entry in the series, which is available for Android and iOS devices. In this zombie-themed game, you’ll be driving your car through a zombie apocalypse, as you try to drive to the other side of the country to reach the evacuation ship. Of course, you’ll be dealing with zombies all throughout your drive, and you won’t be driving a flashy new automobile, but rather a run-down jalopy. Not Doppler says the game comes with a “massive new Story Mode,” which is five times longer than on the first game. That ideally means five times the fun, but sometimes it could also mean five times the frustration. Thankfully, we’ve got some Earn to Die 2 cheats, tips and tricks that will help you survive this particular zombie apocalypse.

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