Biggest Surprise at E3 08: Kotaku's MK vs DC Hands-on

From Kotaku:
"I suspect that they will, with DC devotees also hopping on board. Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe is currently resting at the top of my personal list of biggest surprises at E3 08. Not only is it disarmingly fun, it reminds me of my favorite entry in the series, Mortal Kombat II."

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MK_Red3747d ago

If only this game was M rated...

MK_Red3746d ago

Why the heck I got a disagree!? Could the disagreeing person at least tell me why? Does someone really want a T rated MK!?

tethered3746d ago

Superman would kick all their asses!

MK_Red3746d ago

NO! Scorpion will rip him apart!