Blizzard's loyalty to the fans–what does it mean for WoW players?

Those of you busy fragging or earning honor points probably failed to notice that Blizzard actually patched its now six year-old title, Warcraft III. Unless you're a pro-gamer or love to casually play Warcraft III, this information is of little use to you. However, this will actually yield great value to those that are immersed in the world of Azeroth.

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Ninja-Sama3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

I used to play FT seriously back in the day but now I just play the casual DOTA game on bnet and watch some replays of Moon and Grubby...ft players know who those guys are lol :)

Spydiggity3771d ago

is this actually an approved article?

the_RED_SCARE3770d ago

Did you read the article? Blizzard patched a game that is 8 years old. That's like Zipper patching Socom 1!

You show me an console developer that shows that kind of love towards their fan base.

Blizzard is the best in the industry, not only for the quality they put out but for the support as well. Quality people.

Spydiggity3770d ago

Nobody is disputing Blizzard's quality. I'm disputing the article's quality.

Boxhead3770d ago

Blizzard is a great company.

@Spydiggity: man, you have pretty high standards for articles...