GTA 5 Weapon, Car Handling Mods Are Now Possible

One Angry Gamer "The OpenIV tools have been updated to version 2.6. The newest version includes the ability to extract and edit the GTA V RPF files through an .asi loader script for OpenIV. The new update – opening up the ability to edit RPF files – has enabled some modders and enthusiast to begin modding GTA V’s weapons and car handling physics, making weapon and car handling mods possible. Unfortunately, textures and model swaps are a ways off."

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SunnyZ1259d ago

Can't wait to see whole GTA maps imported into V.
There's more than enough space in the GTA V world for all previous maps to be crammed in along the coast line! =D

Codewow1259d ago

That would be pretty interesting to get. But I can't imagine it running smoothly without tremendous amounts of work being done on it. There's a lot of pathing that would need to be modified and other major things before the maps would work properly.

kingeliran1259d ago

the only thing the bothered me while playing the game is the handbrake mechanic wasn't fun coming to a corner and holding and break just stops the car and lose control even with the best cars

WilliamUsher1259d ago

Right, this has been a common complaint. They're already working on porting over a handling mod similar to the realism mod for GTA IV.

A large part of the modding community's efforts will be in modifying the suspension and roll on the cars to be more realistic and to take turns based on their mass and suspension dynamic as opposed to the pure arcade driving setup that the game currently has.

Hazmat131259d ago

oh. no sorry mods equal fun. banned!

Khajiit861259d ago

If Rockstar doesnt make GTA mod friendly soon then its off to piratebay for me. I want to play GTA Online and have mods (Not in GTA Online) in SP. I own a physical copy of the game so there should be nothing wrong with me pirating a version to mod.