Namco Revealed Yoshimistu Gameplay Screenshots for Tekken 7

We have already seen the gameplay video of Yoshimitsu showing some of his moves and a completely new look. Now, Namco revealed some screenshots of Yoshimitsu showing some of his deadly attacks and moves. Yoshmitsu was last playable in Tekken tag Tournament 2.

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megatron007331261d ago

Man,thats awesome. Tekken 7 FTW

IRetrouk1261d ago

Cant wait for this, tekken tag 2 was the best tekken so far so i have high hopes for this one.

ironfist921261d ago

He looks sweet. Digging the way this game is shaping up.
Just need more info on the story/campaign mode.

Kevlar0091261d ago

His design is pretty damn cool. Mix between a squid, skeleton, and alien swordsman.

IRetrouk1261d ago

Yeah i didnt like it at first but seeing him in action the other day changed that, didnt realise how cool he would look in motion.

megatron007331261d ago

Agree! I was shocked to see the change... Then I said, That's fcking cool :D

MWH1261d ago

all he needs now is a surfing board and there you have it, the Suchi Surfer.

Optimus01011261d ago

This is amazing, always loved Yoshimitsu. Can't wait to get my hands on the game.

Moldiver1261d ago

Me too. I cant wait to get my hand on tekken. I hope I accidently run into you online on tekken. I could beat you, you know? look into my eyes.....You know Id beat you, right?

that goes for any of you. If I run into you on tekken Im going to do something bad to you. Im going to do it all over you. My combos will make you change your perception of what possible in a fighting game. You might never be the same again.

Abnor_Mal1261d ago

Lol funny comment. Yoshi has always looked cool in any iteration. In this new Tekken i like how his tentacles sway as he moves. Will have to put time into mastering him, Jin. Heihaci and Paul all over again. Was Tekken Tag2 any good?

IRetrouk1261d ago

Yeah best tekken so far

kamper1261d ago

Who cares about Tekken 7, Namco just turned this title into a crap

q8kik1261d ago

I do :)

The only reason i turn on my ps3 these days is because i want to play some Tekken.