Rare: Banjo 3 Multiplayer Mostly Finished

"The highly anticipated return of Banjo to the Xbox 360 is drawing ever closer and the boys (and girls) over at Rare have decided to let us in on some juicy development information regarding Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. In the first of many dev diaries, Rare explains that the Banjo team is squarely focused on the single player campaign, with multiplayer nearly complete."

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predator3770d ago

Can't wait for this game, glad its making good progress

Nick27283770d ago

I hope this isn't one of these "multiplayer for the sake of multiplayer" deals. Too much of that going around as it is. Still, if the single player is good it makes a big difference.

Relin3770d ago

Agreed. There are so many great franchises out there that simply aren't cut out for multiplayer, and there's nothing wrong with that; there are many other ways to prolong the life of your title, developers :)

green3770d ago

Actually, i think it will be pretty stupid not to add a multiplayer option in this game.

You are building vehicles, and each vehicle built will be very unique and different from what other players will build.So what better way of showing them off than buy actually racing them across other players on live.You can even discuss with other Live members how you built it and where you obtained certain parts for your vehicle.

I strongly believe that RARE are pushing this franchise in the right direction.

Marceles3770d ago

Yeah I agree with Nick...I hope it's not multiplayer like Donkey Kong 64, but the single player is shaping up nicely

kwicksandz3770d ago

I thought the multiplayer in Conker, banjo tooie and DK64 was ok. ill give it go at least

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borgome3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Ya, this game is gonna be sweet, but I can't even imagine what you would do in Banjo Kazooie multiplayer, sounds like a big waste of time and money to me.

1stKnighT3770d ago

Great ideas for multiplayer. Looks like it's another winner from Rare.

chidj23770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

This horrible game have nothing to do with the Real next gen console PlayStation® 3 and all the AAA exclusives.
I as a happy PlayStation® 3 owner im going to Be experimenting Real next gen with good games this fall.
One more time the bottlneck hardware of the xbox 360 provides this horrible graphics and this pathetic game.

Play b3yond

RAF-TECH3770d ago

it's utterly crap.

I go to blockbuster to rent a game... and i'm left standing there thinking...
ummm... damn... no good games..

I've got the MGS4 bundle.

Shroomy3770d ago

Not playing any great games now? or is their any? how many games you buying this fall? and I do mean exclusives now, since they are all the rage these days.

RAF-TECH, I can't help but think there are many like you, I have a few friends like that, I'm sure many people on this website rely on the PS3's "limitless potential" as I like to call it after a NIN album! :)

chidj23770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

This fall im getting

PixelJunk eden
Resistance 2
Little big planet
Home (free)
Motorstorm pacific rift.
siren blood curse

these only at the PlayStation® 3 the real next gen console.

and you Gears of war 1.5 with new designed sky
and Failbe 2 the Horrible graphic game this because the bottleneck and mediocre hardware aka the xbotox360.

Play b3yond

Sez 3770d ago

don't feel bad man. i have a ps3 too. i haven't played it since i finished MGS4 and that was four days after i brought it. i have uncharted, warhark on my HDD and RFOM(IMO sucked ballz not looking forward to R2) everything else i buy for the 360(exclusives+multi-plats)

Shroomy3770d ago

You must think your so cool! Twisting the names of games around to make them look bad! The truth is it makes you look like an immature moron who's not worth talking to, soz mate.

Home doesn't count, it's a social aspect I believe and it's only going into Beta now this fall? After how many delays? Resistance Fall Of Man was a glorified PS2 FPS, and that's not saying an awful lot. But whatever rocks your boat.

Bottleneck? Srsly? Oh yeah the 360 is so crap, the hardware is so pathetic yet many games tend to look and run a whole lot better on the 360, I wonder why that is?

Enjoy dreaming over your PS3 and it's "Limitless Potential", if you will excuse me I'll be playing some games now, bye!

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