The Witcher 3 - Gameplay Reveal 2013 Trailer versus 2015 Build - Comparison Shows Downgraded Visuals

DSOGaming writes: "‘Downgraded’ is a word that most developers hate. Still, and since CD Projekt RED was open to comparisons between the game’s final and 2013 versions, who decided to share these comparison screenshots that show how the game has changed over its course of development.

What's really great about this comparison (provided by Guru3D's member '(.)(.)'), is that a number of explanations have been added so that you can immediately see the differences between these two builds."

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lifeisgamesok1310d ago

It still looks impeccable so a little downgrade didn't hurt it IMO

strauser3601309d ago

It looks much worse than the initial reveal. Was the initial reveal even gameplay? At this point why should gamers even care about games until after they come out.

starchild1309d ago

Big downgrade? No way. It looks very similar to how it looked before.

TheHaloGuy1310d ago

Omg this crap again?? What about all the other downgrades that happen with games?! If ur console can't handle what u want, go pc or get over it you'll forget about it after 30 secs of play.

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xTheMercenary_1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I don't understand why you got disagrees. The picture below, i think was either art or in-engine. I'm leaning more towards in-engine though. If people thought this was in game they're nuts.

Vegamyster1310d ago

It was a part of their debut gameplay trailer:

xTheMercenary_1310d ago

@Vegamyster although it was in the bebut gameplay trailer. I highly doubt it was in game, more like in-engine in my opinion, it looked too good to be true.

Vegamyster1309d ago

Then they shouldn't have called it gameplay if it was a in-engine trailer, you'd assume when they call it gameplay the game would at least look similar.

xTheMercenary_1309d ago

@Vegamyster definitely, but don't be tricked by developers, they can be sneaky with these trailers.

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NoDucks1309d ago

Yeah I thought everyone would have known this. It was 2 years before release, of course it wasn't in game. Just well rendered planned out happenings of what they wanted it to look like.

gameslayer24111310d ago

I will wait for a full ultra settings pc comparison before I start screaming downgrade. But of course things are gonna change and be different did anybody expect anything different?

gameslayer24111310d ago

after looking at the comparisons I'm quite shocked honestly, I imagine though that once we get official Digital Foundry comparisons things will paint a different story :D